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Choosing and requesting a landline number

One of the most important things about your business is its image. The image is made up of several aspects. In addition to the services or products offered, telephone availability is often an essential component. Naturally, you want your customers to be able to contact you at any time with questions and to be helped quickly over the phone.

The telephone is one of the most frequently used contact channels between a company and its customers. As a business, a highly visible telephone number is therefore a must. Belfabriek helps companies with a fixed telephone number that contributes to the good accessibility of your company.

Benefit from many extra options with a Belfabriek business phone number

Requesting a landline number online through our number shop is made as easy as possible. And with a Belfabriek landline number, your business not only benefits from the convenience of a landline number and easy accessibility, but there are also many extra options available to help you serve your customers even better over the phone.

We can activate a selection menu, a call queue, call monitoring and a digital answering machine on your landline number. You also get useful statistics to monitor and analyse customer behaviour.

Apply for a regional or national number?

As a business, you always want to project the most reliable image possible. This is why a virtual phone number from Belfabriek is so practical.

If you're just starting out, you don't need to use your mobile number and it can remain private.

If you are a large organisation, you can set up a virtual call centre within 5 minutes with a Belfabriek landline number and have all your employees answering calls.

We route incoming calls to the devices you want: at home, in the office or on the road.

If local connectivity is important, choose a local landline number.

If you are a national company, choose a national look and feel with a national number. These are in stock and active the same day so you can use them immediately.

Frequently asked questions:

A dedicated number is often active on the same working day or within 1 working day. This also depends on whether you want one of our regional, international or national numbers.

Yes, we can transfer any landline number to our telephony platform so that you can be reached via our online switchboard. All calls will then be routed through our platform so you can use all our features and we can manage this for you. We will arrange this quickly and you will keep your landline number (number portability).

Yes, on our dedicated website you can specify exactly who can be reached at what time so that our switchboard knows who can take calls and what your company's opening hours are.

No, you do not need a landline for your phone numbers. The telephony and your landlines are in the cloud and we route calls to landlines or your mobile or a combination. You no longer need a separate landline.

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