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Virtual Call Center app for employees

For employees of all types of organization (SMEs, governments, corporations, agencies, start-ups). Easily set up a virtual call center. Convenient to use for your employees. No more need to hire an external call center.

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Your own professional call center

The call center app gives employees a convenient and fast way to manage their availability for taking incoming calls.

On their smartphone or tablet, they log in with their existing login credentials and change their status. They can also view their own call statistics within the Call Center app. This way, employees always have an overview of the number and duration of handled calls.


Your employees have been using My Belfabriek for a long time. The new Call Center app offers them the same proven functionality within a new, mobile application.

Change availability

After your employee logs in, he or she easily changes the availability by choosing one of the displayed statuses: available, break or unavailable. The status changes immediately and the routing of calls is automatically adjusted.

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