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Call recording: how to record every call

Published in Customer service phone numbers

When you register a freephone or national phone number at CallFactory, you get access to a wide range of handy features. One of these features is call recording, and it allows you to do just what its name implies: record every call from beginning till end.

In this article we will explain why you would want to do this and, more importantly, how to set up call recording for your phone number.
Why record calls?

There are many reasons why companies may choose to record the telephone conversations they have with their clients. In an earlier blogpost, we have listed 5 reasons to activate call recording. A popular reason is for training new staff and evaluating current employees. By listening to calls, frequently asked questions can be identified and used to improve call scripts or procedures.

Another motive to switch on call recording is for legal reasons, for example because you sell subscriptions or services on the phone. This may, in some cases, eliminate the need for paper contracts.

And, last but not least, you should record your phonecalls simply because it’s free of charge. That’s right: we include the call recording option with every phone number registered with the CallFactory. You can choose whether to use it or not.
How call recording works

Any phone number registered through CallFactory is a virtual phone number. This means that calls are transferred to any physical or IP phone that you configure. The switchboard that does this is our Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). The IVR offers number owners like yourself a lot of extra features, among which call recording.

Since this system is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, you don’t have to worry about recording equipment, storage capacity, an archiving system, or security. All recordings are done automatically and can be accessed anytime by those you grant access.

The recordings are accessible through your online control panel. As for this access: each entry in your call database shows you the date and time the recording began, the duration of the call recording, and the end time. The default plan is free of charge and stores call recordings for one day. If you wish to store calls for a longer period, you can either download them as MP3 files, or choose one of our paid plans.
How to hit the record button

If you are ready to start recording your incoming calls, head on over to your personal dashboard at My CallFactory. At the top navigation menu, you will find a link that says Call Recording. Click on Settings to choose the free or paid plan of you preference, and to select which phone number to initiate this feature for. That’s all there is to it.

From the moment you activate call recording, the sound recordings for incoming calls will be saved to this online dashboard.

Other useful pages in the Call Recording tab are Playback, where you can playback and download calls, and Dashboard, which displays statistics related to your call recordings.

If you have any questions about call recording or about our other features, we are happy to answer those at +31 70 7709050.

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