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A telephone conversation with a customer can take many forms. There are many reasons why it can be useful to be able to listen back to the conversation. Thanks to the call recording function for telephone calls, this is possible.

What is the call recording function and how does it work?

It is regularly heard at the beginning of a customer service call: "This call may be recorded for training purposes..." When this message is heard, the call recording function is used.

With call recording also known as call recording, the phone call is recorded.

At Belfabriek, this is done via the cloud. With your phone number, you can activate the call recording function, and all calls are then recorded.

Why recording a conversation is advisable

There can be several reasons for recording a telephone conversation. One common reason is recording for training purposes. Recording the conversation with the customer allows listening back and training employees based on this recording.

What could have been done better during the phone call?

What went well, what could be done to improve quality?

Based on such questions, recorded conversations can help improve service delivery.

However, there are also situations where it may be legally important to record the conversation. When making appointments or entering into subscriptions over the phone, verbal agreements are made. To avoid any ambiguity about this in the future and to keep legal evidence of the agreement, making a call recording is important.

Requesting permission

It is permissible for a company to record telephone conversation with customers. This is allowed for two different purposes: for recording an agreement or for training purposes. It is important that the customer is informed in advance that the telephone conversation may be recorded.

Free phone call recording at Belfabriek

Belfabriek offers free call recording functionality. Thereby, the number of recordings is unlimited and the conversations are stored in the cloud for one day.

During this time, calls can be downloaded without restriction.

Prefer a longer retention time? Then two more premium packages are available for a fee, where the retention time of recordings can be as much as one month.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I also use the call recording function for outgoing calls ?

The call recording function only works for incoming calls. Recording outgoing calls is possible if you use a softphone on your computer. This has the call recording function within the app itself.

How long are recorded conversations kept ?

These are stored in the cloud for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, depending on your setting.

If a conversation has been recorded, where can I listen back to it?

You can listen to all newly recorded calls in our dashboard and download them as files.

If I want to record a phone call what should I do ?

If you want to record a phone call, you only need to activate the record calls function. All new conversations are then recorded and you can listen back to each recorded conversation.

Do I need special telephones to record calls ?

Our call recording feature works with all phones on which incoming calls are answered.

What are the rules on recording phone calls ?

For the exact rules on recording phone calls, it is best to contact your legal adviser who knows all about local laws.

Can I also decide per call whether I want to record the phone call ?

You cannot decide on a call-by-call basis whether a call should be recorded or not. You can turn the call recording function on or off to record all incoming calls. Per individual call recording is not possible.

Does the person calling me hear that I am recording the call?

The person calling you will not hear you save the call unless you give advance notification.

If I want to record phone calls can I save the files in Google Drive ?

You can download the recorded conversations and save them to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive so you always have them stored on your own cloud.

Do you also offer call recording with an app on iPhone or Google Pixel ?

We provide call recording functionality as part of our business telephony subscription and do not provide this functionality as an app itself.

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