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You want to switch from your current VoIP provider to another one, choose a new VoIP provider or improve your telephone accessibility and join the most modern VoIP provider.

Then it makes sense to compare different providers and VoIP rates. But make sure you do it right. There are many different low-cost options, some of which are included in the price with some providers, but others can sometimes cause nasty surprises when it turns out that the options you want cost a lot of extra money. What is the best choice when comparing VoIP?
And: we see that many people are looking for cheap VoIP providers. But is cheap really important to you? Or is it more important that you are and remain reachable?

Cheap is often expensive and that goes for VoIP telephony too. That is why we focus on the business market. We offer the very best in VoIP telephony. If that is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place!

Look at what you get, not just what you pay.

It is in our nature to compare primarily on price. This is logical, as it is often the easiest way to compare one product or service with another. But if not done carefully, it can also lead to a cheap choice that you are not happy with.

Many products are easy to compare on price because they come without any extra options. This means that there are usually not many extra features or options included that you have to pay for with the other product.

VoIP telephony and VoIP providers are different. In many cases, the different packages from different providers are different in form. Therefore, they cannot be compared on price alone. You can make the best comparison by looking not only at what it costs, but also at what you get.

More importantly, who has their own telephony platform and who is just a VoIP reseller?

In-house developed VoIP platform for the best VoIP!

To start with the latter, we have an entirely home-grown telephony platform. This means we are not a reseller and have built and managed all the technology ourselves. If you want a particular telephony feature or need help, we can go straight to the right telephony systems. This is quite unique as 95% of VoIP providers are resellers.

If you are a technology enthusiast or want the best, then you have come to the right place!

Consider the extra features you need

In many cases, just having a VoIP number is not enough to meet all your needs. Depending on what your business does, there are likely to be 1 or more telephony features that you want to use.
For example, one possible VoIP option is call recording.

This can be useful or even necessary if the recordings are used for training purposes or to record legal agreements made over the phone.

This is one of the features we programmed ourselves: you can easily listen to all your recorded calls on one page, without having to go through all the different control panels.

Using a welcome message, a phone menu to direct customers to the right (virtual) department or setting up a digital answering machine could also be options you want to use.
We have developed and programmed all of these features ourselves and made them available in a library. We are happy to activate them for you at no extra cost. In this way, we create a good telephone presence for your company that people will want to call.

Are there additional charges per minute?

This is another important question to ask. Are the calls unlimited? It is often the case that when using VoIP numbers, a per minute or per second rate is charged in addition to the subscription fee.

We prefer to put you on a VoIP subscription that includes incoming traffic. If you get a lot of calls because you advertise on the radio and we need to add lines and capacity to your number, we will contact you to discuss this. So you can get started with peace of mind.

You can see the rates we charge as a provider on our rates page. You already have a great phone number and a VoIP package from 9.95 per month. This is a very good - and cheap - VoIP solution with the best VoIP provider!

Important to know:

Own telephony VoIP interconnect, own telephony VoIP platform developed by us. Active and independent since 2000. Business customers rate our customer service and technical VoIP solutions with a 9.

No extra costs at Belfabriek

The Belfabriek has opted for a clear and transparent pricing structure. All additional options, including call recording and the implementation of a welcome message or selection menu, are included in the package.

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