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Dial Out With Your Company Number From Mobile

Published in Voice over IP

By now you are familiar with our perfect working fixed-mobile integration where your fixed business number connects to your mobile phone or that of your colleague or partner.

With this, your telephone accessibility is perfectly regulated as far as incoming calls are concerned.

But what if you now want to make your own calls. What are the possibilities?
You can also use Voice over IP on your mobile phone.

You can install a softphone on your phone and use it to connect to the online phone system.
Once you have set up that connection, you can dial out from your mobile using your business number.

The phone call then does not go through your mobile provider but through your business phone provider. This is because you first connect to the special software (the softphone) and the phone system.

What is most commonly done anno 2023 is dialing out from your mobile with your mobile number.

Many people do answer the phone when they are called by a mobile number, while if they are called by a number that is not recognised they let it go to voicemail.

Besides, it gives a sense of having direct contact with the caller: after all, you have the caller's direct number in your phone display and if you want to call back later, you can be sure you have that person directly on the line.

Exact figures are not available but we estimate that around 70% of outgoing calls are made through the mobile operator. Another advantage is that most calls are already included in the call bundle, and you can make unlimited calls.

If you insist on making outgoing calls via your business number on your mobile, you will first have to install an app and connect via the phone system each time.

For incoming calls, you never need to install an app with us. We deliver incoming calls via your mobile operator to your mobile phone for the highest quality.

So you are not dependent on an app or a fast internet connection. Nor do you have to worry that your app is in sleep mode or inactive, which means you won't receive any calls at all.

Have fun calling!

Frequently asked questions:

What are the advantages of VoIP calling on mobile phone ?

The advantage you have when calling via your data plan on your mobile phone with VoIP is that you can make calls from your business phone number. The disadvantage is that you need to install an app first and you always need a working internet connection, including to receive calls.

What is the difference between calling through the GSM network and calling through the data plan ?

If you call via the mobile phone network, then you use the network's mobile phone protocols and they are completely tailored to your mobile phone. If you use the data network then you need to make sure you have a good working app (softphone) and good working connections and signalling yourself. The mobile phone network is always better for making and receiving calls.

Can I also use my landline number on company mobile phones ?

You can activate a fixed phone number in our number shop and we can forward these calls to your mobile phone and your fixed phone whenever you want. This way, you are optimally reachable and you can use this flexibly. You won't need to install an app or use a VoIP account or mobile VoIP. This way, you have the most reliable connection.

Surely if we use apps to make calls we can make and receive calls for free ?

For consumers, being able to make cheap calls is important, which is why people often use an app, especially for contacting a distant relative abroad. For business use, it is important to receive incoming calls properly. Then it is better to use the mobile network. For outgoing calls, anyone can often already make unlimited calls within the EU by using the mobile phone's calling bundle.

I want to be reachable everywhere then surely everything goes through VoIP telephony ?

Whether you call from a landline or mobile phone everything is done digitally and via VoIP. If you want to be reachable everywhere, it is best to activate a virtual phone number and flexibly forward it to your mobile phone and landline. That way you can be reached anywhere under 1 number.

Can I also connect VoIP phones later for a home worker, for example ?

If you have a home-working colleague who wants to answer the phone, you can easily add them via the call team page. You can then create 1 call group of colleagues answering calls via VoIP.

I want to make mobile VoIP calls at my office or workplace over my WiFi connection.

If you are sure you have a good and stable WiFi network then you can make mobile calls this way. We recommend using a mobile phone through your mobile provider and taking a virtual landline number through us, so you can always be and stay reachable anywhere and not depend on a working internet connection.

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