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Difference between England 0808 and 030 phone numbers

A 0800 number is free to the caller because the owner of the number sponsors the call. Callers of 030 phone numbers are charged the local landline rate.

Should I register a 030 or 0800 number for my business?

Now that you know the main differences between 0800 numbers and 030 numbers, the question is which number is best for your company. If you want to attract as many callers as possible, then an 0800 number is the best choice. In practice, these numbers are often used for general information inquiries, advertising campaigns or emergency numbers.

If you want a number with a national appeal and a friendly rate for both your caller and you, then a national phone number is a good alternative. The national phone number for England is 030. For this, the caller pays the local landline rate of his or her telephone provider.

National phone numbers have become increasingly popular for business use. They are not tied to a city or region, and are therefore ideal for organizations that offer products or services across the country, from London to Belfast.

Why buy a national phone number from Belfabriek?

Belfabriek has a wide range of national 030 phone numbers ready to be registered and activated. You can register an easy-to-remember phone number today, and tomorrow it can already be available to your customers.

Can't find a desired number in our webshop? Then please contact our customer service team, free of charge and without obligation. They speak English, German, Spanish and Dutch. They can help you buy your favorite number combination (if it is still available).

What does a national UK number cost at Belfabriek?

We offer a clear and transparent package. It's simple: for 45 Euro per month you have your own national number. This includes all the features that help professionalize your telephony. Think of the possibility to record calls. Or setting up a call queue or selection menu. And many more features. You can use these without limit.

In addition, the call charges are included under fair use policies.

What do we mean by 'fair use'?

Most customers who use a national phone number do not incur call charges. To determine what is fair use, we divide the total incoming call traffic we handle by the number of customers. This monthly average is the standard for us. If you stay below this average, call traffic is free. Even if you are one or a few months above, there is no problem. If it happens (much) more often, we will contact you by phone to see what is reasonable.

How does that work out in practice?

If you process an average of up to 20 calls per day, that's included. This is regardless of whether you have callers dialing out on landlines or your mobile numbers. Organizations that process customer contacts with 1-4 people almost always fall under the fair use policy. Are you a large organization requesting a number and expecting a lot of call traffic? Please consult with us. Thanks!

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