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Difference inbound and outbound call centers

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In a previous article, we explained the difference between contact centres and call centres: contact centres handle communication with customers and relationships across multiple contact channels (voice, email, text, chat), while call centres operate exclusively by phone. There can also be big differences between call centres themselves. Which type of call centre is best for your business will depend mainly on your requirements. We list the types of call centres below, along with examples. This will give you a good idea of the type of call centre that best suits your business.

Inbound call centers

All Belfabriek clients receive inbound calls. An easy to remember phone number lowers the threshold for callers, inbound marketing generates inbound enquiries and leads, and well-trained and experienced colleagues ensure a pleasant customer experience.
From order lines to helpdesks, information lines and emergency services, inbound call centres have many different customers for whom inbound calls need to be handled.

Outbound call centers

A call centre that focuses on outbound calls is called an outbound call centre. This type of call centre proactively seeks contact with potential or existing customers, with call centre agents pursuing leads or sales. The familiar term for this is telemarketing, which is a form of outbound marketing.

Outbound call centres can also have less commercial motives, such as building goodwill through follow-up or gathering ideas for new products or services through surveys. The success of an outbound call centre depends heavily on the experience of its staff. Many contact centres or call centres are a mix of both inbound and outbound. If you are looking to outsource telephone customer contact, you will find very broadly based call centres, as well as highly specialised call centres, where a call centre is dedicated entirely to inbound and outbound marketing of financial products, for example, and handling customer contact with potential customers.

Outsource to an inbound call centre

Many large, and increasingly small, companies choose to outsource their telephone helpdesk to a general or specialist inbound call centre. Outsourcing tends to be at the business-to-business level. The advantage of outsourcing to an inbound call centre is that it allows a company to focus on its core business, thereby saving costs.

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