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Fixed-mobile integration

Published in Voice over IP

Integration of fixed-line and mobile telephony

More and more entrepreneurs are on the move. And no longer always present at 1 fixed office location.

For these entrepreneurs, Belfabriek's fixed-mobile integration is the solution for perfect telephone accessibility.

At any time, you can easily specify the telephone device to which we forward calls. This can be your own mobile, a colleague's mobile or someone's home landline. So our fixed-mobile integration works with both mobile and fixed phones, making it the most flexible solution available.

And technically the best. With our own telephony platform and telco connection, we deliver incoming calls directly to your mobile.

There is no app to install. This is important because solutions that require you to install an app want to deliver incoming calls over the internet to that app. This saves on telecom interconnection costs and is therefore mainly a low-cost solution designed to save the service provider money.

But how much is an incoming call worth to you? Many of our customers advertise on Google AdWords or invest a lot of money in other forms of advertising. On the other hand, it is important that every call comes in.

The problem with delivering calls through an app is that sometimes the app is not active. Or in sleep mode. Then a lot of calls don't come in. You don't know that and you don't notice it. But it is true. If you Google "softphone does not receive calls", you will see that there are a lot of problems with receiving calls on apps. And that there is no good solution to this, other than the more expensive solution of transferring calls to the mobile phone via mobile operator interconnection.

So opt for fixed-mobile integration, where calls are delivered directly to your mobile phone. Then you can be sure it is a business solution that works.

Important: If you want to know whether a call is coming in on your personal or business number, we can set up a beep when you answer the call. This allows you to keep business and personal traffic separate.

As you can see, with a phone number from Belfabriek you have the best fixed-mobile integration for your fixed number! All your incoming calls to your landline will be forwarded to your mobile or landline without the need to install an app.

Frequently asked questions:

Fixed-mobile integration is a business telephony solution where there is no longer a distinction between mobile and fixed phones. They both become part of the call group.

So you are no longer tied to an office location with a fixed telephony environment, but your phone number is transferred to the mobile network or a fixed phone with cloud telephony.

Our advanced switchboard integrates fixed and mobile phones. This allows business calls to be made from a mobile phone. There is no noticeable difference to the caller. Fixed-mobile integration can be associated with any phone number.

Fixed-mobile integration benefits

With fixed mobile integration, your organisation's telephone service is improved in several ways:

Flexible accessibility

Colleagues are no longer forced to work on site at a fixed telephone exchange. With fixed-mobile integration, everyone can remain available to customers at home or on the road via mobile telephony on 1 business number.

Organisation can be reached on fixed and mobile devices with one fixed number

Customers can call your company's business number and we will transfer the caller to you or an available colleague, regardless of whether they are on a mobile or fixed line.

Maintain a professional and businesslike appearance

Callers see a single business number. Even when employees dial out, the fixed business number simply appears on the display. So you maintain the same professional image.

Determine where calls are forwarded

As a business owner, you decide which phone you answer calls on. Our switchboard will forward calls to your mobile or landline.

Same functionality on mobile and fixed devices

Whether employees are calling from a fixed or mobile device, the functionality and features are the same. Think of welcome messages, call queues and the ability to record calls.

Fixed mobile is suitable for any business or organisation. Especially for organisations that value

Easy to scale

Fixed-mobile integration makes it easy to scale telephony capacity during periods of peak demand or rapid business growth.

Hybrid working

Hybrid working is becoming increasingly important, where colleagues spend part of their working time in the office and part at home. Fixed Mobile Integration makes it easier to set up a hybrid working environment. Employees can be in the office, at home or on the road with a mobile device and are no longer tied to an office.

Flexible setup of telephone customer service

If, for whatever reason, the organisation needs a flexible telephone customer service set-up, fixed-mobile integration is essential.

Future-proof with fixed-mobile integration

Fixed Mobile Integration is a smart and simple telephony solution for organisations looking to extend their business switchboard. Mobile devices are easily integrated into the fixed business PBX. Fixed-mobile integration is ideal for organisations that want to adopt a hybrid way of working or easily scale up during busy periods. It provides a flexible solution and ensures that the organisation is set up to deliver the best business telephony services in the future.

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