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What is the phone number for France?

The country code for the France is 0033. Or enter +33.

What are French mobile phone numbers?

In France, mobile phone numbers usually start with a 6 or a 7.

Useful France telephone numbers

Telephone numbers that are always useful:

General emergency phone number: 112

Ambulance (SAMU): 15

Fire brigade: 18

Police: 17

As a party outside France, can I also get a French phone number?

Yes you can. At Belfabriek you can get 3 different types of French phone numbers, which we will briefly explain below.

Local numbers

Does your company have a strong connection to the Paris region? Then you can order a Paris 01 phone number through Belfabriek. In principle, Belfabriek can register all possible area codes in France.

National numbers

Would you like to offer your products and/or services throughout France? Then a national number 09 is perfect for this. These numbers are not linked to a specific city or region and therefore have a national image. Callers can call these numbers at local rates. There are no additional costs compared to local landline numbers.

Toll-free 0800 numbers (freephone number)

France also has toll free 0800 phone numbers, which callers can call free of charge. The operator pays all call charges. These numbers are great for charities, for example, but also for highly competitive industries.

Advantages of registering an official phone number from France through Belfabriek include:

  • your organization can also be reached by phone in another country

  • features such as welcome text are possible

  • No new hardware or telephones required

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