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How to get a second phone number

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If you want to request a second number then you've come to the right place!

Do you currently have a private phone number and want a business number as well?

Then you can request your business phone number online with us.

We will then forward the incoming calls to your mobile number and those of your colleagues. You can manage this yourself at any time via our phone team page where everyone can easily set up whether they are available to answer calls or not.

The advantage of a second number is that you keep private and business separate and you don't have to walk around with two cell phones. Also, you don't need different SIM cards.

Your business telephony is perfectly managed this way ! Do you want to record phone calls? You can easily set that up in your portal, just like a phone menu, a welcome message and a business voicemail. New is our text to speech assistant, with which you can easily have our telephony platform speak your messages yourself. Give it a try, you'll be amazed at the results!

Characteristics of a good 2nd number service:

How can you use it?

Your second number can be used as your business phone number. This is where all your business calls come in and you can divide them among different numbers and make a phone team this way. You keep your private life separate, you don't need a second phone or a dual-sim. You simply order your number online and you can use it immediately.

Frequently asked questions:

You do not need to use dual sim with our phone numbers. We transfer calls directly to your existing phone number.

Yes, you have a business voicemail on this second phone number. You will receive recorded messages in your email so you never miss anyone.

Our service is a business telephony service where it is important that every call comes in well. It is therefore transported over the existing networks and not over the Internet or through an app which is always worse in quality.

Through the phone team dashboard, you can add all phones to which calls can be forwarded. These can then all be reached under the same number.

Yes, we can transfer your current number to our telephony platform if you don't want a new number.

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