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Dutch 0900 phone numbers

Your own helpdesk with revenue

  • Up to € 1,10 per minute or € 1,80 per call

  • Set up your own helpdesk for callers

  • Rate changes always possible

Earn by running a 0900 number

Set the tariff yourself


Set the tariff yourself

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0900-6661166Add to cart
  • 0900-6666664Add to cart
  • 0900-5522552Add to cart
  • 0900-7222722Add to cart
  • 0900-2277227Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0900-SPENDERENAdd to cart
  • 0900-SAUSJESAdd to cart
  • 0900-SCHATJEAdd to cart
  • 0900-CHIRURGAdd to cart
  • 0900-KERAMISCHAdd to cart

Apply for an 0900 number? We do!

With Belfabriek you can register 0900 numbers quickly and easily. And we will take care of all the work. Including the registration with the telecom authority with a 0900 number you will grant your organisation a nationwide charisma and you decide which rate your callers will pay. Would you like to set up a professional helpdesk for your customers? Many organisations have already done so. 0900 numbers from Belfabriek cost 45 euros per month. And all innovative features are included.

Choose your favorite 0900 number

At the top you will find an overview of free 0900 numbers. Choose your favourite 0900 number and put our department to work. After 3 to 4 weeks, your 0900 number will be active. Because 0900 numbers run in the cloud, there are many options. All of which are included. Think of recording calls for service and training purposes, queues, welcome messages and notifications of your opening hours. So with a 0900 number from Belfabriek, you are assured of a professional appearance.

What do 0900 numbers cost?

A 0900 number costs 45 euros per month. All functions are included in our 0900 numbers. So you don't need to buy extra modules, functions or apps. The rates for 0900 numbers are as follows: 4 cents per call. In addition, 7 cents per minute during office hours. And 5 cents per minute during evening hours and weekends. We do not round off minutes, so your bills are accurate to the second. There is no surcharge for mobile calls to your 0900 number. You pay 2 cents per 0900 call and 6% of the called amount (incl. VAT) in collection costs.

How do I request my 0900 number?

  • You order your 0900 number in three quick steps

  • You receive a confirmation by e-mail.

  • We register the 0900 number in your company name with the A.C.M. Dutch telecom authority

  • You will receive a 0900 ownership certificate by mail from the A.C.M.

    Dutch telecom authority

  • About 5 working days later the 0900 number will be available everywhere

  • Of course we will confirm this by mail

Good to know

An 0900 number runs in the cloud and is diverted to your current telephones. These can be landline telephones, but also mobile ones. And switch between them. It doesn't matter whether you have a traditional, ISDN or VOIP connection. Moreover, you do not need anything else for an 0900 number. No extra bells and whistles either, because call queues, welcome messages and call recording run via our platform and are included with all CallFactory 0900 numbers.

Want to know more?

Call us for an advice with which we serve a virtual cup of coffee!

Advantages of an 0900 number

Appearance and authority

A mobile number on your website comes across as small. And a local telephone number may deter customers from other regions. By advertising your own 0900 number, you show that you operate nationwide.

Earning money with your telephone service

With a 0900 number, you determine the rate per call or minute. This way, you generate income to cover your costs or make a profit.

Always available

An 0900 service number is forwarded to your current telephone devices. You can change the number you redirect to as often as you like: in real time, online or via our handy app.

Beautiful telephone numbers

Belfabriek gives you a choice of all kinds of free 0900 numbers. You choose the number that sticks in the minds of your callers. For example a name number like 0900-MACHELPDESK or an easy to remember number combination.

Works with all your current phones

Incoming calls are forwarded to your existing telephones; fixed or mobile. Therefore, no changes are needed to your current infrastructure. For example, you don't need to invest in new phones, phone lines or exchanges. Nor do you need to install software to receive calls.

We deliver the calls to the location of your choice:

To the home address of colleagues

To different offices

To different countries

Answer calls wherever you want!

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