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VoIP freelancers: hosted VoIP solutions for sole traders

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As a self-employed person with no staff, you will eventually find out that there are disadvantages to using your mobile phone number as a business phone number:

  • Business and personal calls get mixed up, you never know if someone is calling you for business or personal reasons.

  • You can never get a partner or colleague to answer the phone, the number is linked to your mobile phone.

  • You can't even buy a new phone with a new subscription and a new number when there's a special offer, because you'd have to change your website and all your promotional material too.

You want a telephony solution. So you google VoIP, which stands for Voice over IP. The new business phone.

Do you want a fixed phone for the office? Or do you want to start with fixed to mobile first?
The first thing all entrepreneurs start with is a nice business phone number.

One that you can transfer to your mobile.

But which you can also switch to your partner's mobile phone at any time. Or a colleague.
Or a home worker with a landline. Or an external answering service.

All our phone numbers come with a special web page where you can add the people and associated phone numbers who can answer calls for you.

Use the buttons to indicate who is available and when, and our switchboard will know exactly who to transfer a call to. At all times.

Your new business number stays the same and never changes. And you can use it on your website and all your promotional material. Without ever missing a call again.

And you can keep your personal and business calls separate. When a business call comes in on your mobile, we'll let you know with a beep (the caller won't hear it). So you know to answer with your company name.

Are you open or closed at certain times? Let us know and we will play an announcement.
And do you travel a lot and don't always have a pen and paper handy? We can record every call for you so you can listen to it at home.

Get a VoIP phone number today and your new number will be active today!
Importantly, there is no need to install an app to receive calls. We deliver calls directly to your mobile phone via the GSM network. So you don't have to rely on a working internet connection or worry about missing calls.

Frequently asked questions:

When we transfer calls to an application on your phone, calls often don't arrive. Your application is inactive or in sleep mode. This is why we use the mobile network, not the internet, to forward calls to your landline. This way you can be sure that all calls will be received. We do use internet dial-up when we need to transfer calls to your office landline. This works well because it is a fixed location.

In addition to regional numbers associated with a city or region, you can also activate a national number. This is useful if you operate nationwide.

You can transfer your current fixed number to us (number portability). This is regulated by law and will be active for you soon. Just let us know which number you want to keep and we will take care of the rest.

The PBX sits in our data centre and routes the calls. This is a fully managed telephony solution known as Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP). The latest technology in business telephony.

Check our rates page for current prices. Our monthly fees are fair and have no hidden costs. We have some packages with a fixed amount per month tailored to the size of your business, so there is always a subscription to suit your situation.

You can be reached anywhere on your landline number. Potential customers can call you from anywhere in the country and we route the calls to the phones you want: landline or mobile, in the office, at home or on the road. Ideal for the self-employed!

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