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How callers reap the benefits of call recording

Published in Customer service phone numbers

There are plenty of reasons why an organisation would want to record all their incoming telephone calls. Employees or agents will be able to replay a conversation afterwards to recover call details; the recordings are proof of any agreements made during a call; and call-recording is often used for training purposes.

But did you know that callers can benefit from call recording too? There are some annoyances that call recording can solve. In this blogpost, we’ll highlight three of those.
Three annoyances

A large-scale study, done a few years ago by research company AchieveGlobal, came to conclusions and gave advice that every telephone department of every organisation should take to heart. Interestingly enough, in each of the solutions call recording has a crucial role to play.

1. You’re not listening

Many callers are reasonable enough to not expect their solution to be immediately resolved. Because they too know that most resolutions take a little time. But what they do want to find is someone to lend them a sympathetic ear. Someone who listens through their complaints and at least pretends to understand them.

When your employees know that calls are being recorded and that they can always playback a recording to recall important details, they can focus on the conversation instead of on jotting everything down.

And when they are focussed on the conversation, then the quality of the conversations improves, and callers will leave the call with a feeling they were listened to.

2. You're not being nice

Attitudes that callers most disliked were bluntness and indifference.

These attitudes tend to be the result of the pressure cooker that telephone departments tend to be. Dealing with other people’s problems and complains is not easy, and it is hard to not let your own mood slip.

However, knowing that calls are being recorded, and - more importantly - being reviewed, can give your employees just that nudge to not let that happen and to keep themselves from sounding blunt or indifferent.

3. You keep putting them through

The third biggest annoyance that callers reported was being put on hold or being transferred to yet another employee and having to explain the same issue all over again.

One of the ways in which call recording can help resolve this is as follows: by regularly reviewing recorded calls, you can find out when and why callers are being transferred. You might be able to find out why they were not connected to the right person immediately, prompting you to change your call flow or the way your employees handle calls to get a more positive caller experience.

It's simple to get started

Call recording is a feature that many Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems provide. In fact, if you are a customer of the CallFactory, it is included with your subscription and you can start for free.

All you need to do is log on to your My CallFactory dashboard, go to the Call recording settings page and select the free Starter package. If you would like to have your calls stored for longer periods, select either a Business or Enterprise package.

Not yet a CallFactory client? Visit our toll-free or national phone numbers pages to register a number in your country. Whichever type of phone number you choose, you will always get access to a host of features, among which call recording.

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