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How much does 0800 phone number cost

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What does it cost to call an 0800 number as a caller?

In most cases, calling an 0800 telephone number is free of charge for the caller.

Exceptions may be:

- You call the 0800 number from abroad.

- You call from a cell phone.

In these cases it may be that a tariff is charged.

But if you call an 0800 number from a landline, from home or office in your own country, then an 0800 call is always free. In most European countries this is even stipulated by law.

Who pays the costs of the phone call?

The operator of the 0800 number takes care of the costs.

Why do companies pay for the call charges of an 0800 number?
For organizations where customer contact is very important for turnover, it is a logical choice to offer an 0800 number.

The advantages of a 0800 number for companies:

- Bring about a positive image for the company in question. 0800 telephone numbers are known as customer-friendly telephone numbers. This shows that the company is committed to customers, and takes customer service seriously. Leading professional organizations often offer a 0800 phone number.

- A company that offers an 0800 phone number will receive more calls from potential customers than a company that offers another phone number.

According to research, the number of calls would increase by about 15%.

- 0800 phone numbers are national phone numbers. This means that they can be called by callers from all over the country. The number is not linked to a specific city or region. So when the company provides products or services across the country, an 0800 number is a better choice than a local phone number.

What does it cost for the number holder?

An own 0800 number costs €45 per month at Belfabriek. To this you have to add the call charges. For our 0800 numbers all advanced functions and tools are included. Think for example of a call queue, an announcement and the possibility to record calls for service and training purposes.

Why Belfabriek?

Since 1999 Belfabriek has been the only telephone company in Europe that focuses exclusively on the registration of 0800 numbers. Our subscription includes all possible features and the costs are clear and concise. There are no hidden costs, and therefore no surprises.

Belfabriek sets the right example

As advocates of 0800 telephone numbers, we have chosen for an 0800 telephone number for our own customer service.

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