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How to choose a phone number for business

Do you want a customer-friendly national telephone number for your advertising campaign, service line or webshop? A service number or business number is an excellent solution that allows you to easily create a national, service-oriented image. But which type of number is most suitable for your organization?

At Belfabriek you will find different types of phone numbers for your business or organization, which you can easily request online. But exactly which types will you find in our assortment? We list them below.

0800 numbers

The numbers that begin with 0800 are free of charge for callers. The number owner sponsors the call costs, which makes the threshold for callers low. This means that you as a company pay the call charges. Depending on the part of the day and landline or cell phones, this varies from 5 to 30 cents per minute.

In practice, 0800 numbers, when used in advertising campaigns, generate up to 25% more incoming calls compared to using any other phone number. Of course, this is not only because the number is free, but also because of the professional and national character of such a 0800 number. Belfabriek offers 0800 phone numbers for the UK, US, and most of Europe.

National phone numbers

At first sight, the prefix seems to belong to a certain region, but indeed: these numbers are region-independent. A prime example is the German 032 phone number. Which looks a lot like the capital Berlin 030 phone number. The difference is that 030 would tie your company to the Berlin area. Whereas 032 ensures you appeal to a nationwide client base.

For a low rate per minute - namely that of a normal telephone call - your customers, guests, patients or business partners call this number. Because it is a non-geographic number, it will attract people from all over the country. We have national phone numbers available for the UK and most of Europe.

International phone numbers

In case you want to expand abroad, we can also help you register phone numbers in foreign countries, without needing an office or business address. In this way, you can test the waters so to speak if your business venture has potential overseas without having to make considerable investments.

Easy to remember phone numbers

To encourage customers and prospects to call, it helps if you have a number that is easy to remember. Such a number preferably consists of simple patterns. An example of such a beautiful phone number is 0800-111 3333. Belfabriek constantly maintains a list of beautiful numbers that you can register at no additional cost.

Works with all your current and future phones

You don't need a special or new phone and you don't need to buy a PBX for your service number. A service number is a virtual number. This means that calls through our platform can be delivered directly to all your existing phones: both fixed and mobile, and VOIP.

Our subscription includes all additional features, such as: a digital answering machine, selection menu, caller queue, call recording and extensive statistics.

Numbers are issued on a sequential basis. So: first come, first served. Make sure you do not wait too long with your request.

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