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Which city has prefix 213?

The prefix 213 belongs to Los Angeles

What does it cost to call a 213 number?

213 numbers can be called at local fixed rates just like any other local fixed number. So it is always included in your call bundle.

Can a 213 number also be called from abroad?

Yes! A 213 number can also be easily reached from abroad.

Can I also register a 213 number?

Yes, you can easily activate a 213 number online through Belfabriek.

We can activate this 213 prefix for you and forward calls to your mobile or office phone. This can be arranged within 1 day.

Why buy a LA 213 phone number?

Setting up a 213 number for your business is one of the most powerful ways to show your connection to the local area. It builds trust. It adds character to your corporate image. And make no mistake, even in the age of live chat on websites and social media, the old familiar telephone is still the most popular communication channel. A 213 number can be a powerful weapon in your company's marketing and branding arsenal. The number will appear on your business card, perhaps on your company car, on your premises, on your website and so on.

Why should I register this prefix with Belfabriek?

First of all, Belfabriek allows you to choose your own 213 number. This can be a nice, easy to remember phone number. We do not charge extra for this.

Other advantages of registering a 213 number through Belfabriek are:

  • All optional features such as call recording, call menu and call waiting are included.

  • Easy-to-use app for Android and iOS.

  • No new hardware or phones needed.

  • Answer incoming calls from any phone. You can also easily transfer your business number to your mobile phone.

  • We have been operating as a telephone company since 2000. We have our own interconnection and our own telephony platform, developed entirely in-house.

  • We are therefore not a reseller and not dependent on third parties. You deal directly with the telephone company that focuses on the business market.

Do you have any questions? Contact us free of charge ! Or register your own 213 number directly for perfect accessibility!

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