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How to get a customer service phone number?

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Applying for a customer service phone number is a smart move. Businesses that take a customer service phone number immediately get a professional and national image as a result.

We have been providing registration and activation of European and American customer service phone numbers since 2000.

Your application quickly approved by the telecom authority

You are probably wondering if any entrepreneur can apply for a service number.

The answer is: yes, any entrepreneur can apply for a service number.

But: every request for a customer service phone number must first be approved by the local telecom authority.
When you apply for a service number at Belfabriek, this application goes directly to the local telecom authority appointed by the government.

The telecom authority checks whether your application complies with the current regulations:
What will you offer for service with the number, do you already have several numbers in use and who is making the application? This may sound worrying, but in 99% of cases the telecom authority quickly approves an application.

If this will be your first service number, then your application is most likely to be approved. Applications that jeopardise the scarcity, relevance or reputation of service numbers are often not easily approved.

Of course, it is possible to have several service numbers, for instance if you want to provide different types of services through different numbers. This should then be clear from the description accompanying the application.

We have been assisting entrepreneurs in requesting service numbers since 2000 and will gladly help you get the perfect number. The application to the telecom authority is included in our process free of charge!

Apply for service number before it is too late

Service numbers are scarce especially since it is also possible to register company names as phone numbers (name dialing).

Check in our online shop whether your desired customer service phone number is still available. Is your service number available?

Then be on the safe side by requesting this service number immediately!

Frequently asked questions:

I read that some telecom authorities have a turnaround time of 2 weeks for service number applications. Can this be done faster ?

Are you in a hurry with your service number request, for example due to an emergency or approaching advertising campaign? Some telecom authorities also have an urgent procedure whereby you are assigned a new customer service phone number within 24 hours. Please let us know when you make your request.

Don't you have any service numbers in stock that I can use right away?

We do not stock service numbers. This is not allowed by most telecom authorities. Each service number must be assigned directly to the end user. We also advise against using providers with numbers in stock. Apart from the fact that this method is not allowed, it often happens that these numbers are already in use and there is still a lot of incoming call traffic for the previous user. Once you have such a number in use and on your advertising material, this is very difficult to deal with. You then have old and new callers on your number calling you. In that case, we advise to use the emergency procedure.

I already have several service numbers, can I transfer them to you ?

We can transfer existing service numbers to our telephony platform so that you can use our telephony features and we can manage these numbers. We do not connect erotic phone numbers.

I have several people answering incoming calls from the service number at varying times, how can I set this up ?

You can easily specify all these final destinations on your own call team page. As soon as there is an incoming call, our phone system checks who is available and transfers the call there. This ensures optimal reachability of your service number. We can also distribute some calls automatically with a choice menu and based on opening hours.

Do all service number applications go through telecom authorities ?

Yes, all service number applications go through the local telecom authority first. They are the only party allowed to issue the available service numbers by the government. It is therefore a government body. We as a telecom operator activate these service numbers. We take care of the service number application via the telecom authority free of charge.

Is calling a toll free number always free of charge ?

Calling a toll free phone number is always free for the caller. The number owner pays the call costs for the caller. A toll free number is therefore ideal for telephone customer service and gives your company a professional appearance.

I see an easy-to-remember phone number in the webshop, now what ?

If you see a nice phone number you want to use for your business, you can apply online directly. You will then receive the proof of ownership of this number in your mail within 2 weeks. You can then immediately use the number as a service number for your business and you will immediately have a good national image.

Can you also activate hold music and voicemail on a service number and record all phone calls for training purposes?

We can activate all possible telephony functions on our PBX for your number. Tell us how you want incoming calls forwarded and we will take care of the rest.

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