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Greece is a country with 11 million potential customers. That creates opportunities for international entrepreneurs like you.

A phone number in Greece is a must if you want to conquer the Mediterranean market. In Greece, being able to call a Greek phone number is highly appreciated.

We can activate a virtual Greek phone number for you and forward it to wherever you want.

Virtual business in Greece

The good news is that you don't have to be physically in Greece to answer the phone. In fact, Belfabriek's Greek virtual phone numbers transfer to any phone number within Europe.

What is Greece's phone number?

The country code for Greece is +30. If you want to call Greece, first dial +30 in front of the Greek phone number. This tells the network that you want to call Greece.

If you receive a call from someone in Greece, you will also see +30 in the display.

Greece has several types of phone numbers. We will go through them with you:

Free for callers: Greek 800 numbers

With an 800 number in Greece, Greek consumers can call you for free. This is very service-oriented and its national appeal ensures that you attract callers from Athens to Thessaloniki.

Local Greek numbers

You can also register local Greek phone numbers at Belfabriek, for example in Athens or Thessaloniki. These phone numbers have a strong regional or local character. This is especially suitable for companies that have a visiting address or shop at 1 location in Greece.

Geographic Greek numbers start with the digit 2. There are area codes with a length of 2,3 and 4 digits. The full length of a phone number is always 10.

The area code of:

Athens is 21
Lesbos is 2251
Thessaloniki is 231
Corfu is 2661

Greek mobile numbers

A Greek mobile number starts with a 6.

Useful Greek telephone numbers

General emergency number: 112
Police: 100
Ambulance: 166
Fire brigade: 199

Many additional options included

Whichever Greek phone number you choose: you will always have access to all features such as call recording, a phone menu and a welcome message in the local language.

Activate your Greek phone number now

Belfabriek operates as a telecom operator in 14 countries including Greece so we can provide you with the best service and technology.

No wonder many companies have registered their domestic and international numbers with us. If you also want to benefit from the many advantages, register your Greek number today.

Frequently asked questions

What is the country code Greece ?

The country code or country code for Greece is +30. If you call a Greek phone number, put +30 in front of it first.

Can I forward incoming calls from Greece to my landline phone ?

You can forward incoming calls to any phone number and location within Europe. Greeks can thus call your company at local rates while you yourself are abroad.

How long does it take to activate a Greek number?

We usually have a Greek phone number active for you within 1 working day.

Which country is 30 ?

Greece's country code is +30. If you see this in your phone display, someone from Greece has called you.

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