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With 38 million inhabitants, Poland is the fifth largest country in Europe by population.

A phone number in Poland is a must if you want to serve Central or Eastern Europe.
In Poland, being able to call a Polish phone number is highly appreciated.

We can activate a Polish phone number for you and forward it to wherever you want.

Virtual business in Poland

The good news is that you don't have to be physically in Poland to answer the phone. In fact, Belfabriek's Polish virtual phone numbers transfer to any phone number within Europe.

What types of phone numbers are there in Poland?

Poland's country code is +48. If you want to call Poland, enter +48 before the Polish phone number. This tells the network that you want to call Poland.

Polish mobile numbers start with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Polish local phone numbers

You can also activate Polish local phone numbers at Belfabriek, for example in Warsaw or Krakow. Below is an overview of some Polish cities and area codes :

Cracow 12
Warsaw 22
Katowice 32
Gdansk 58
Poznan 61
Wrocław 71

Toll-free 800 numbers in Poland

Would you like consumers in Poland to be able to call you for free? That too is possible with a Polish 800 number.

These numbers are not tied to a particular city or region and therefore have a national image. Callers can call these numbers toll-free.

Frequently asked questions:

The country code for Poland is +48. You dial this number for a Polish number when calling from abroad.

Yes we provide all phone numbers in Poland. We are also registered in Poland as a telecom operator to best serve you with Polish phone numbers and business telephony.

Yeah sure. Do you speak Polish and want phone calls from Poland to be forwarded to your mobile phone? Give us your number and we will activate this call forwarding.

This is the country code for Poland. You have been called by someone from Poland.

We will have your Poland phone number active and forwarded to a destination in Europe within 1 working day.

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