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How to get a Swedish phone number?

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For companies looking further across the border, Sweden is an interesting market. With a purchasing power of 10 million inhabitants and the international attitude of the Swedes, this is a country with which it is pleasant to do business !

When you make the move to Sweden, it is important to be easily accessible to your Swedish customers.

Swedes value punctuality and take their work seriously; and they expect the same care from a brand they purchase a product or service from. Therefore, in addition to a neat website and a postal address, a Swedish phone number should not be missing.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to activate a Swedish number. By doing so, you lower the threshold for callers and create a Swedish look and feel!

Good for you to know is that we are registered as a telecom operator in Sweden.
So we can provide you with the best service and technology for your Swedish phone number!

Swedish phone numbers

Sweden's country code is +46. If you see +46 in front of a phone number, it is a Swedish phone number. If you want to call Sweden yourself, choose +46 for the phone number.

Local Swedish numbers

With a local Swedish number, you tie your brand to a particular city or region. For example, it is possible to take a phone number in the area code area of Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg. By doing so, you instantly generate trust and appeal to a distinct market. This option is perfect for companies opening one branch in a particular city in Sweden.

010 numbers: Swedish national numbers

Numbers with the 010 area code are not tied to any particular city or region.

These Swedish numbers have a national feel and can be called at local rates.
Many companies operating throughout Sweden choose a Swedish 010 phone number.

020 numbers: free Swedish numbers for callers

Numbers with the 020 prefix are numbers that are toll-free for callers.

With these types of toll-free numbers, you attract a maximum number of callers which is ideal if, for example, you want to build a list of contacts or customers or pursue a very customer-friendly image.

077 numbers: Swedish national numbers

Swedish 010 numbers are running out of numbers, which is why there are now 077 numbers.

These are national numbers, not tied to a city or region and callable at local rates. For many businesses, this is the perfect Swedish number.

Telephone functions for Swedish numbers

When you register your phone number in Sweden with Belfabriek, you also use all extra features you are used to from us for this foreign number.

You can manage your Swedish phone number through the extensive dashboard. This gives you access to online invoices, extensive statistics and statistics e-mails, a choice menu, a digital answering machine and call recording.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I choose a provider for my Swedish phone number ?

It is important that your provider is registered as a telecom operator in Sweden so that regulations are met. You don't want a Swedish phone number that is arranged via-via and which suddenly stops working. We are ourselves registered as a telecom operator in Sweden to provide you with the best possible Swedish phone number.

How soon is a Swedish number active ?

We will have a Swedish phone number active for you within 1 working day. Residents of Sweden can then call you at local rates on your local numbers in Sweden. We then need another 2 working days to activate further telephone functions such as a choice menu and call queue.

Can I continue to use my Swedish phone number even if I have actually opened my office in Sweden ?

You can always transfer calls from your Swedish phone number to another location. First, this can be your mobile phone or your office in another country. If your office in Sweden is open, we transfer calls to this location. This way you can start flexibly and your Swedish phone number will always remain the same.

How do I know if I receive calls on my Swedish phone number from my Swedish customers ?

When Swedish customers call you on your Swedish phone number, we either let you hear a short beep (the caller does not hear this) or we play a message so you know how to answer the phone.

How can I apply for a Swedish phone number ?

You can use our page to request a Swedish phone number directly online. You can choose from local numbers, toll-free numbers or national numbers.

We will process your request and contact you if there are any questions. Your Swedish phone number will be active within 1 working day.

Do calls to my Swedish phone number go over the Internet ?

We route over the national and international telecom networks and not over the Internet. We also pay interconnection fees to the local networks in Sweden to provide you with the best reliable connection. So you don't have to worry about missed calls in Sweden.

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