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How to get a swedish phone number?

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For companies that look beyond borders, Sweden is an interesting market. With a high purchasing power among its 10 million inhabitants, the international attitude of the Swedes and their ability to speak in English, this is a country where it is pleasant to do business.

But when you take that step, it is important to be easily accessible to your Swedish customers. Swedes value punctuality and take their work seriously; and they expect the same care from a brand they buy a product or service from. So, in addition to a neat website and a (postal) address, a Swedish phone number is a must.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to apply for a Swedish number. Even better: you have the choice of several Swedish phone numbers. That way you lower the threshold for your callers and create a Swedish image.

Also for a virtual presence

There is a lot involved in establishing a physical presence in Sweden. Depending on your business model, you need to find an office, a warehouse or a shop, you need to furnish it, you need to attract Swedish employees, you need to apply for permits, you need to arrange your tax registration and so on.

That a telephone number is part of this is logical. But you can apply for such a number even before you internationalise. In other words, before you open your Swedish doors. That way, you can test your idea and collect Swedish leads at the same time.

This is because a Swedish phone number with Belfabriek is a virtual phone number. It does not require a landline in Sweden, but routes callers to the number of your choice.

Choose from different Swedish numbers

Whatever Swedish phone number you choose, the barrier for Swedish callers is much lower than with a foreign number. As in many other countries, in Sweden you have the choice between geographical and non-geographical numbers.

Local numbers

With a geographic number you tie your brand to a particular city or region. For example, it is possible to have a telephone number in the area codes of Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg. This creates trust and addresses a clear market. This option is perfect for companies that open one or more visiting addresses (e.g. shops or showrooms), but is also often used by companies that want to emphasise that they are or will be physically present in the country.

010 numbers: low rate

Numbers with the 010 net number are not bound to any particular city or region. They not only have a nationwide appeal, but are also known as affordable numbers. Many companies operating throughout Sweden choose this type of telephone number. You can find a sample selection of available numbers in our 010 shop.

020 numbers: free for callers

Numbers with the 020 prefix are non-geographic numbers that are free for callers. With this type of toll-free numbers you attract a maximum number of callers, which is ideal if, for example, you want to build up a list of contacts or customers, or if you want to be as customer-friendly as possible. You can find a sample selection of available numbers in our 020 shop.

Number with free extras

When you register a phone number in Sweden with Belfabriek, you get a lot of extras. Features that other providers are happy to charge you extra for, but with us you get unlimited use, with no surprises afterwards. Indeed, the only thing you pay for your Swedish telephone number is a fixed, low monthly fee and an attractive per-minute rate.

What are those extras? Let's look at some examples of the features you get as standard with your Swedish phone number. You can switch these features on and off whenever you want and as often as you need.

Welcome text

Of the many announcements you can make through our IVR, the welcome text is perhaps the most important. It welcomes your Swedish callers and puts them at ease. It is important that you have a good native speaker for this text - one of your employees or a professional voice actor.

Selection menu

"Choose 1 for Swedish, choose 2 for English. Just an example of the options you can give callers to choose from. Such a call menu can have several levels, and you decide who callers go to after making their choice.


Are all your employees busy? The call queue provides callers with soothing music and a periodic notification of the number of people waiting in front of them. If the call queue is too long, callers can leave a message.

Digital answering machine

Swedes who call after hours or during heavy traffic will be missed if you do not offer them the opportunity to leave a voicemail. You can do this with this function, which sends you an e-mail after every message. The mail contains all the information about the incoming call and the audio file of the recorded message, so you can take action when you are ready.

Extensive call statistics

Who do you call most often? How long are callers on hold on average and how long do calls take? And what are the busiest days of the week? With our real-time call statistics, which you can view via your browser or our mobile app, you'll always have access to the most important figures.

Why Belfabriek?

Let's face it, we're not the only place you can register a phone number in Sweden. But there are many reasons why brand after brand chooses to register their number with Belfabriek. Here are some of those reasons.

  • Years of experience Belfabriek is a true provider and not a reseller. We also have over 20 years of experience, which is quite an achievement in this dynamic market.

  • Choice of multiple Swedish numbers With us, you are in control. With several types of Swedish numbers to choose from, you will always find a number that suits your objectives (and budget).

  • Clear Tariffs

  • Many extra options We have already shown it above: we are generous with extra options. Functions for which other providers charge hefty surcharges. Through your online dashboard or the mobile app you can turn them on or off, or change their settings.

Register your Swedish number now

With such a generous package of extras and such favourable rates, it makes sense that many companies have already registered their Swedish phone number with us. So when will you follow their example? Take a look at the available geographical numbers in Sweden, the 10-net numbers or the 20-numbers. In a matter of minutes you can register your own Swedish telephone number.

If you do not see the number of your choice, or if you have any questions, please contact our customer service by phone, e-mail or contact form. Our English, German, Spanish and Dutch speaking customer service will be happy to answer them !

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