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How to get an Austrian phone number?

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What is Austria's phone number?

Austria's country code is 0043. Or enter +43.

What are Austrian mobile numbers?

In Austria, mobile phone numbers generally begin with 650 to 699.

Suppose you want to call an Austrian mobile number from abroad, compose the phone number to be entered as follows (fictitious example number): + 43 650 123 45 67

Useful Austrian phone numbers

Phone numbers that are always handy:

General emergency number: 112.

Specifically the fire brigade can be reached on: 122

The police can be called directly on: 133

The Austrian mountain rescue service: 140

Ambulance: 144

Telephone counselling for children: 147

Pay numbers in Austria start with 09, so watch out with these numbers, the charges here can be significantly higher than with other phone numbers.

As a foreigner, can I also get an Austrian number?

Yes, you can. At Belfabriek, you can broadly define 3 different types of
Austrian phone numbers, which we will briefly explain below.

Local numbers

Does your company have a strong connection to the Vienna region? Then you can
easily apply for an 01 number via Belfabriek. Are you starting a ski resort in Sölden? In that case, you would e.g. easily capture the number 5254 belonging to this place. In principle, Belfabriek can register all possible local area codes.

Austrian national phone numbers

Do you want to offer your products and/or services all over Austria? Then a
national 0720 number is perfect for that. These numbers
are therefore not tied to a particular city or region and therefore enjoy a
national image. Callers can call these numbers at local rates. So
there are no additional charges compared to local fixed numbers.

Austrian toll free phone numbers

Toll free phone numbers also exist in Austria, which are free to call for callers. The operator pays for all call charges. These numbers are perfect for e.g. charities, but also for industries that are particularly competitive.

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