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How to get an Hungarian phone number

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What is Hungary's phone number?

Hungary's country code is 0036. Or enter +36.

What do Hungarian mobile numbers start with?

Hungarian mobile numbers generally start with 2, 3, 5 or 7.

Useful Hungarian phone numbers

Phone numbers that are always handy:

General emergency number: 112

In addition, there are then the following more specific phone numbers,

Police: 107

Ambulance: 104

Fire brigade: 105

As a foreigner, can I also get a real local Hungarian number?

Yes, you can. At Belfabriek, you can request a Hungarian number, which we will briefly explain below.

Requesting local Hungarian numbers

Does your company have a strong connection with the Budapest region? Or do you simply want to create a national image by capturing the capital's phone number? Then you can easily apply for an 01 number through Belfabriek. In principle, Belfabriek can register all possible local Hungarian area codes.

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