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How to get a Belgian phone number?

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Belgium is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Most Belgians have a decent command of the English language. And of course Brussel is one of the most international cities in Europe hosting the headquarters of the EU. But how does your company conquer the Belgian market?

When it comes to internationalisation, it used to be common to open physical branches in new countries. Then came importers and distributors, who represented companies abroad and answered questions from customers. Nowadays, it is even possible to have a foreign branch in Belgium, complete with address and telephone number, without being in the country yourself.

Whether you go into Belgium and open a branch right away or whether you prefer to wait and see what happens with a virtual presence, you need to be easily accessible for your Belgian customers. You can do this with a Belgian website (at least bilingual) and with a Belgian telephone number. In this article, you will get to know the Belgian national number and discover how your company can use it.

Two types of Belgian phone numbers

Belfabriek is your partner when it comes to telephone numbers abroad. Thanks to our large offer you can register a suitable number for all kinds of foreign branches. For Belgium we offer several numbers. Let's have a look at which Belgian phone numbers we offer you and what their functions are, so that you can make an informed choice.

078 numbers

In Belgium, a 078 number is not tied to a region. In other words, your phone number will have a nationwide appeal. No matter from which place in Belgium the caller seeks contact, the costs are always those of a national call to a landline.

078 numbers are also for services, information and competitions. Whether you sell pizzas, provide financial advice or run a charity, a 078 number can be the perfect choice. Choose from a range of available 078 telephone numbers.

0800 numbers

If you want to assist your clients without them having to pay, you need to use 0800 numbers. This will ensure that your clients will get a positive impression of your company. They will not feel hindered in any way to call the customer service when there are no costs involved. This option is therefore very customer-friendly.

Advantages of a Belgian national number

A Belgian telephone number is a good first step for organisations that want to be successful in Belgium. With your Belgian appearance you show that you know and respect the local market, while it is much cheaper for callers to get in touch with you than when calling a foreign phone number. With a 0800 or 078 number, you don't tie yourself to a specific region, but you appeal to the entire Belgian market, french, dutch and german speaking.

Free extras

Applying for a national phone number in Belgium is easy at Belfabriek. But number owners get so much more than just a Belgian phone number. With Belfabriek you will benefit from all kinds of free extras to optimise the customer experience for your callers.

Selection menu

"Press 1 for Dutch, appuyez 2 pour le français." With the Selection Menu feature, you can easily build a menu that directs callers to the right person or department. This saves a lot of manual transferring and reduces the average call time.

Digital answering machine

Does a Belgian customer call outside of working hours or on a holiday, or are there too many people waiting to answer the call immediately? Activate this option to have callers leave a message. You will immediately receive an e-mail with the link to the recording.

Online statistics

Which numbers call you most often and how long do calls take on average? What are the busiest days of the week and at what times are the phones ringing off the hook? My Belfabriek's online statistics dashboard provides answers to these and other questions, on which you can then base important decisions.

Call recording

Whether it's for internal training or legal purposes, recording incoming calls is easy with this feature. We securely store the calls on our servers.


If you are not able to answer a caller right away, this function places him or her in the queue. The music or recorded message of your choice plays while the caller moves to the first place in the queue. When an employee becomes available, the caller is immediately connected.

These are just a few of the many features you get for free with a Belgian phone number. Other features include Direct Call Forwarding, Change Destination and Pre-announce Tone. And if that is not enough, you also get an app that allows you to control all these features from your smartphone or tablet.

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