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How to get a danish phone number?

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The step to the Danish market is a small one; Danes speak English well and willingly. Danes have a strong preference for products that are 'green' or healthy, which offers opportunities for trend-conscious companies.

However familiar and accessible the Danish market may seem, tapping into a new market is easier said than done. And when developments in communication technology make it possible to open a branch virtually, it is a logical prelude to a physical presence.

Danish number without a Danish branch

Belfabriek is your partner when it comes to Danish phone numbers. These virtual numbers do not require a Danish office or fixed telephone connection in the country.

Instead, virtual numbers instantly redirect your callers to the phone number you specify: your office or your smartphone, for example. But forwarding to another Danish number is also possible.

Your Danish customers will appreciate it if you use a telephone number in their country. It shows your interest and commitment and brings you just that little bit closer to your new market.

National vs. local numbers

But what kind of number should you choose? In Denmark, as in many other countries, you have the choice between geographical numbers and national telephone numbers. The image, the cost of calls and the ringing threshold are slightly different for each of these numbers. We highlight these differences below to give you a first idea of numbers that may or may not suit your organisation.

Geographic numbers: local appearance

If you want to limit yourself to a local or regional market, then use a geographic number to show where you are located (virtually or otherwise). For example, you can buy local numbers in Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense.

In some cases a geographical number appeals more to a local audience than a national number, depending on the type of product or service. Also nice for the Danes is that local numbers are cheap to call, and in more and more calling packages completely free.

Free for callers: 80 numbers

The toll-free numbers in Denmark have area code 80, regardless of where the (virtual) company is located. In other words, these telephone numbers have a nationwide coverage.

When your market covers the whole of Denmark, this type of number is one of your options. Covering the call costs is especially interesting when you expect a transaction from many calls; for example, when you have a ticket or reservation line. Examples of local companies that like to work with these numbers are pizzerias and taxi companies.

National 7 numbers

The prefix 7 is not tied to any city or region in Denmark and acts as a national phone number. This is especially handy when your business will operate nationwide. Prefix 7 numbers are charged the same way as local numbers, so at an affordable rate for Danish callers.

Generous package of useful extras

Whichever of these three types of Danish telephone number you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of our Interactive Voice Response platform. The IVR is feature-rich, instantly routing callers to the destination number you specify, as well as playing messages and logging keystrokes.

The Belfabriek IVR is at your complete disposal, no matter which Danish number you register. At no extra cost, you enjoy features that other providers shamelessly charge you tens of euros extra for. Per month.

  • Real-time call statistics

  • The 'nerve centre' of your Danish number is My Belfabriek. This online dashboard allows you to change all kinds of settings - unlimited and free of charge. You can also see your call statistics in real time, so that you can make decisions about your staffing or call texts based on how busy you are. You can choose to receive a daily, weekly or monthly overview of the statistics.

  • Are you receiving more calls than your staff can handle? This function places callers in order of arrival in a virtual queue. In the meantime, a soothing music track or a voice message of your choice plays (recorded by yourself, if necessary).

  • Digital answering machine
    If people have to wait in the queue for a very long time, or call after closing time, this function is indispensable. The digital answering machine lets callers record a message and gives them the idea that action is being taken despite your temporary unavailability. Tip: in the accompanying message text, tell the caller what you will do after listening to this voicemail. If you want to call the customer back, the caller's phone number is already at hand in the e-mail!

  • Call menu
    A call menu enables callers to put themselves through to the right employee or department. You have probably come across such a menu: "To place an order, press 1. For maintenance and repairs, press 2. For questions about your invoice, press 3.

This is just one example, as you determine the structure of your selection menu and how many levels it may have. You can record the message texts for this menu yourself, but for maximum effectiveness you can hire a Danish voice actor or actress.

These are just a few of the features, options and settings you get with your Danish number. In summary, we want to offer you maximum control over your telephone number so that you can give your customers the most pleasant telephone experience. All this at clear rates with no nasty surprises.

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With the right Danish phone number, you will create the perfect look and feel and be easily accessible for your customers in Denmark. At the same time, it is not (yet) necessary for you to have an office in the country. Add those advantages to our generous package of extra features, and your choice of Belfabriek is a no-brainer.

So don't wait any longer, take advantage of your visit to this website now. Registering a Danish number is easy and done in no time. Choose the best telephone number from our collection of local numbers and 80 numbers.

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