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How to get a norwegian phone number?

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With just over 5 million inhabitants Norway is not a large country. Due to its prosperous economy, the Norwegian market is comparable to that of many larger countries. Norway is therefore an interesting market for more and more foreign companies.

Applying for a telephone number in Norway is easier than is often thought. Belfabriek has unrivalled experience in applying for and setting up Norwegian contact numbers for companies that want to enter the Norwegian market.

Why do business in Norway?

Norway and several Norwegian cities are invariably at the top of all lists of best countries to live or work in. But Norway is also a safe and relatively easy country to do business in. Especially for European companies.

The Norwegian mentality and values are conducive to doing business. Equality, a flat and often informal organisational structure, a high value placed on cooperation and an aversion to titles or symbols are just some of the main characteristics of the Norwegian.

The fact that Norwegians are trustworthy makes it easy to do business. So easy, in fact, that Norway is in the top 10 in the Ease of Doing Business index, trailing only Denmark, the United Kingdom and Sweden in Europe.

Norway has the second highest gross domestic product (GDP) in Europe, and within the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations the country is also at the top.

Not only is Norway rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, but it also has a 100% surplus of clean hydropower.

So there are plenty of reasons why doing business with Norway should be interesting.

Test the market

Testing new markets is an important part of any expansion, and especially so for a foreign expansion. For example, use a virtual Norwegian phone number that is forwarded to your regular phone number.

This way you don't have to invest in a Norwegian branch of your organisation yet, but you can already explore the market and serve your customers there !

When you are ready to set up a full Norwegian branch all you have to do is change the destination and all your Norwegian calls will be handled on your new location.

Types of Norwegian numbers

If you are convinced or if you were planning to do business with Norway anyway, the first question is how you are going to communicate with this new market.

An own Norwegian phone number is the ideal solution. You can choose from different types of numbers, and with the extensive package of services and solutions from Belfabriek you do not have to make large investments.

Just like many European countries Norway has service numbers that are free for callers, the so-called "toll free" or "free phone" numbers. In Norway these numbers start with 800, followed by a five-digit number.

These toll free numbers are a perfect way to remove the call threshold for your new Norwegian customers. By offering your Norwegian callers a number that is known to them and free to call, you immediately gain their trust. And that will be reflected in your call statistics.

An alternative are national 801 phone numbers. These phone numbers are charged local rate. These phone numbers are not directly tied to any city or region. But Norwegian callers can call these numbers at the landline rate. So the barrier to call is still pretty low for Norwegian consumers.

Apart from these national phone numbers, Belfabriek can also deliver local numbers in Norway, for example in Oslo. In principle we can register the prefix of any Norwegian city. Feel free to contact our support and let us help you buy your ideal easy to remember Norwegian phone number.

Are you interested in a local number in Norway, please contact our customer service !

IVR options for Norwegian numbers

When you transfer your Norwegian number to the Belfabriek, you will immediately enjoy all the extra functionalities you are used to.

You manage your Norwegian number in your online dashboard My Belfabriek. Here you will have access to online invoices, extensive statistics and statistics e-mails, call-recording, choice menu, digital answering machine and all those other features Belfabriek is known for.

You can also use our iOS and Android apps for your mobile phone and tablet.

Request Norwegian numbers

Do you also want to make use of the possibility to increase your market, and with that your revenue, as soon as possible? Then apply for your own Norwegian phone number today via our Norwegian number shop.

On our Norway page you will find more information about contact numbers in Norway. Here you will also find an overview of all Norwegian numbers that are currently available.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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