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How to get a spanish phone number?

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With about 47 million consumers and 60 million tourists each year, Spain is an irresistible market for international entrepreneurs like you. Last but not least, success in Spain opens the doors to prosperity in Latin America - a staggeringly large market.

So how do you go about conquering the Spanish market? Spaniards like to buy products and services from companies in their own country and, if possible, in the same region. But you know that a local establishment requires the necessary investments (rent, local employees, the infamous spanish red tape) which can slow down your adventure considerably. Or is there a golden middle ground - a stepping stone to your physical presence in Spain?

Virtual phone number in Spain

You already knew that you could sell location-independently thanks to a website. In a culture that values personal contact, a phone number is indispensable. Fortunately, with a website and a Spanish phone number, it is quite possible to create a virtual office in Spain.

Your company doesn't have to be located in Spain to own a phone number. Belfabriek is your specialist in virtual phone numbers, which will connect to any phone. With us you make a choice out of different Spanish phone numbers and you set where the phone should eventually ring. This redirecting from the virtual to the final destination number happens extremely fast and without loss of quality.

Do you speak Spanish?

It's all very well having a virtual Spanish phone number, but bear in mind that most Spaniards hardly speak any foreign languages. The situation below the Pyrenees is very different from that in, say, Scandinavia, where most callers would be able to speak in English.

In Spain, callers will expect telephone service in fluent Spanish. If you want to forward calls to your office, you will need Spanish-speaking staff there as well. Fortunately, more and more Europeans are starting to learn Spanish. So it might not be too much of a problem to find spanish speaking personnel.

If you expect to handle a large number of calls, another option would be to hire a Spanish-speaking call centre. Spanish companies like to outsource to affordable call centres in Latin America. For example, there is Atento, which operates in Peru and Colombia, among other countries. Or Konecta, which has call centre agents ready and waiting in Mexico, among other places.

Types of Spanish phone numbers

With a Spanish phone number you show your market proximity and lower the threshold for your callers. But which number should you choose? As in many European countries, in Spain you will find phone numbers with a local or a national character, cheap for callers or quite expensive. When choosing a Spanish number, you need to consider all sorts of factors: which market you want to address, how high or low the ring threshold should be, whether you are mainly going to provide information or whether you are going to make a sale. Take a look at the types available below and register your Spanish number today.

Local or geographical numbers

Do you want a number in Madrid, Barcelona or Seville? If you do business very locally or want to gain the sympathy of local markets, a geographic number in Spain is ideal. Your callers will pay little or even no charge with some providers, giving local customers an extra reason to call you rather than a competitor with a more expensive number.

We can register local phone numbers in all Spanish cities for you !

Toll-free for the caller: 900 numbers

In Spain, toll-free numbers begin with the prefix 900. They can be reached free of charge from both landlines and mobile phones. By taking care of the costs, there is no barrier for your callers.

The 900 numbers are not tied to a specific region, so they will appeal to callers all over the country. If you do want to focus on a certain region, then block callers outside of that region. Our phone system will allow you to hone in on the target market that is most interesting to you.

Toll-free phone numbers are often used as sales numbers, where there is almost always a request for quotation, sale, donation or reservation. Taxi companies, ticket sellers and even lawyers with a no-cure-no-pay approach use these numbers.

Shared costs: 901 numbers

If you want a number with a nationwide appeal, then you have the choice between numbers that are free for callers (see above) or numbers that are charged. Within the latter category, 901 numbers are the cheapest for callers. They share the costs with you, which is why they are low. Government agencies like to use this type of service number, which gives them a solid image.

Callers pay: 902 numbers

The numbers with the prefix 902 are also national service numbers. The difference with 901 numbers is that with 902 numbers the caller pays the costs. For calls from landline phones, the rate is around € 0.10 per minute. Mobile callers should be careful, because 902 numbers are not included in all call bundles. For them, a 5-minute call may cost € 3.00.

Useful extras

The most important differences between these Spanish numbers are shown above. In terms of service and extras, they are all the same. And it's precisely those extras that make it so interesting to register your Spanish phone number with Belfabriek.

Because the virtual numbers run on our Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), we are able to hang all kinds of advanced features on it. You have probably dealt with an IVR before: it's the computer system that presents you with a choice menu and processes your keystrokes. Belfabriek offers all its customers maximum access to these functions. This way you set up your Spanish telephone number in such a way that the calling experience for your customers is optimal. All these (and many other) functions can be activated for free and changed without limit.


If your Spanish number is temporarily busy, you can automatically put callers on hold for a while with this function. In order of arrival, they are transferred to available employees.

Selection menu

"Dial 1 for.... Dial 2 for...." Thanks to the options of a drop-down menu, you no longer need an operator. Because instead, your callers are routed to the right department, based on the reason they are calling. The result in your department? Peace of mind, because there are fewer transfers between them.

Digital answering machine

What should callers do if the queue is too long or if they call after closing time? It would be a shame if they then went to the competitor. With the digital answering machine you offer them the possibility to talk to you. You receive these messages as e-mails in your inbox, so that you can listen to them immediately and take action.

Call recording
One of the unique features Belfabriek offers for free is call recording. Activate this option to save all your conversations in the form of audio recordings. Listen to them whenever you want. Ideal for training your employees, but also essential for companies that need to save conversations for legal purposes.

All of the above functions allow you to record announcement texts. It goes without saying that these should be in fluent Spanish. Hiring a Spanish voice talent can therefore be a smart investment; it will make you look professional and give your customers a pleasant welcome.

Register your Spanish phone number now

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