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How to get a phone number in Switzerland?

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Switzerland is home to many international organisations and companies.

With a population of 9 million, Switzerland is also an attractive trading partner.

If you are a company doing business with Swiss companies or consumers, it is important to be easily accessible to your Swiss customers.

We are registered as a telecommunications operator in Switzerland. We can therefore provide you with a Swiss telephone number quickly and effectively.

What is the country code for Switzerland?

Switzerland's country code is +41. If you see +41 before a phone number, it is a Swiss phone number. If you want to call Switzerland yourself, dial +41 or 0041 before the phone number.

What are Swiss mobile numbers?

In Switzerland, mobile phone numbers generally start with a 7. Specifically 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79.

Useful Swiss phone numbers

Useful telephone numbers in Switzerland

Local Swiss phone numbers

A local Swiss phone number allows you to associate your brand with a specific city or region.

Below is a list of area codes and major cities in Switzerland:

National 0800 numbers

Do you want to offer your products or services throughout Switzerland? Then a national 0800 number is perfect for you.

This 0800 number is a toll-free number. And not bound to a specific city or region.

Frequently asked questions:

How quickly can I have a Swiss number active ?

We usually have a Swiss number active for you within 1 working day. You can start using it straight away and we will forward incoming calls to your current landline or mobile phone in any European country.

Can a phone number in Switzerland be reached from abroad ?

A phone number in Switzerland can be reached from abroad if you enter the country code +41 before the number.

How do I know if my Swiss customers are calling me on my Swiss phone number?

When Swiss customers call you on your Swiss number, we either let you hear a short beep (the caller does not hear this) or we play a message so you know how to answer the call.

How can I apply for a Swiss number?

You can apply for a Swiss number directly with us online. We will usually have it active for you within 1 working day. We will normally activate it for you within 1 working day. We are officially registered as a telecom operator in Switzerland to give you the best service and quality. We can forward calls to your mobile number or to your office in any country in Europe!

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