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How to get US business phone number? USA phone numbers explained

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Overview of available service numbers for organisations

It is impossible to imagine the business world without service numbers. Did you know that most of the top 500 companies in the USA use a 0800 number?

Would you like a customer-friendly national phone number for your advertising campaign, service line or webshop? A premium rate or business number is an excellent solution that gives you a national, service-oriented image. But which type of number is the most suitable for your organisation?

Types of contact numbers

There are various types of contact numbers for organisations. The most important ones you can order from Belfabriek with an attractive subscription: local landline numbers, toll free numbers. For the UK, US and most European countries we offer these phone numbers.

Below we briefly summarize what makes each of these numbers unique.

Toll free 0800 numbers

These numbers are very popular with callers because they are toll free. The number holder takes care of the call charges, which makes the threshold for callers as low as possible. These numbers are popular as loss leaders: a toll-free number to order a pizza or taxi, for example.

Local fixed telephone numbers

With Belfabriek it is possible to register an area code of every city in the United States, for example New York 212 prefix phone numbers or Los Angeles 213 numbers.

Foreign phone numbers

With Belfabriek you can also register toll free, and local telephone numbers from abroad and have them forwarded to your own number. Think for example of a German 0800 phone number. In principle all phone numbers in the United States, the UK and Europe can be registered.

Easy to remember telephone numbers

To encourage potential customers to call you, it helps if you have a number that is easy to remember. Such a number preferably consists of simple patterns. An example of such a number is 0800 111 3331. Belfabriek constantly keeps a list of easy to remember phone numbers that you can register at no extra cost.

Can't find your desired phone number on our website? Then contact our customer service without obligation. They speak English, German, Spanish and Dutch. They can help you register your ideal telephone number.

No new phone required: works with your current phone

You do not need to buy a special or new telephone or switchboard for your service number. A service number is a virtual number. This means that calls are delivered directly to your existing phone via our platform: both fixed and mobile.

You choose

Since 2000, Belfabriek has been the first telephone company to focus entirely on the registration of 0800, national and local telephone numbers. Our subscription includes all extra features for free, such as: a digital answering machine, choice menu, call queue, call recording, extensive statistics with our free iOS or Android app. Numbers are issued on a sequential basis. So: first come, first served. So don't wait too long to apply!

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