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How to improve your organisation's availability by telephone

Published in Customer Contact

The logic is simple: if you make it easier for existing or potential customers to contact your company, you will end up talking to them more frequently and, ultimately, increase your sales.

For more and more companies the best way to that, is by improving their availability by telephone. Which options do companies actually have for this?

Improving your availability starts with a professional servicenumber. Not a local telephone number, which might scare off customers from other regions, but a national and recognizable telephone number.

With a freephone number or a premium-rate number you make a good impression and your company distinguishes itself from the competition. Register your own, easy-to-remember freephone or premium-rate number with the CallFactory and benefit from a number of valuable extras.
Optimize your availability

Simply registering and setting up such a telephone number is not enough.

Wouldn’t you like to know how customers experience your improved availability? Are you easily accessible? Do customers get their questions answered quicker, and are their problems solved more quickly? Those are important parameters to measure your success by.

When you register a servicenumber at the CallFactory, a number of our convenient extra features will help you gain an insight into answers to these and other questions.

In the rest of this article, we will discuss a few of these functionalities:

Using a Virtual receptionist will get callers connect with the right person in your organisation much quicker. This saves time for your employees, because they no longer have to forward callers manually, and it is pleasant for your callers, because their question is answered more quickly.
Postcode routing or area code routing lets you forward callers to the right ring-to number or colleague within your organisation, based on your caller’s postcode or area code. This is an indispensable feature for companies with multiple locations.
With Voice2email callers get a chance to leave a message, which you will receive as an audiofile via email. This way, you can process and respond to the call at a time that is convenient to you.
Track your call statistics online and in real-time: see how many calls you receive through your servicenumber and their average duration. Find out what the busiest days of the week are and what times of the day you get most calls. This powerful but easy to use system enables you to make strategic decisions for your organisation.

These features make the experience more pleasant for both parties involved. The caller is helped immediately and your organisation works more efficiently.

You are likely to find that you can handle many more customer contacts per day, with the same number of employees, without them experiencing an increased work pressure.
Free extra features

Because these extra features are so terribly important to let your service number function optimally, the CallFactory offers you all these features as part of our standard subscription.

On our servicenumber type comparison page you can see exactly what is included in a CallFactory subscription.

To really optimally use all these features, requires thorough thought on how your servicenumber is set up. As a customer of the CallFactory you can count on our expertise in this as well. Our experts will help you get started in improving your availability.

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