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Improve your customer contact with quality monitoring

Published in Customer Contact

How perfectly arranged customer contact can immediately result into a higher turnover is nothing new. But how can you measure the quality of your customer contact? And how can you improve it?

Methods for quality monitoring

There are quite a few methods which can be used to monitor the quality of customer contact. From super simple systems with smileys or stars, to methods using elaborate, monthly remote monitoring, followed by reporting and counselling sessions.

What all these customer contact quality monitoring systems have in common actually is one simple question: how many happy customers is your employee able to handle within a certain time period?

Regardless of which method we use, in the end this is the problem that needs to be solved.
Measuring customer satisfaction

For customers, the most important thing is that they are helped quickly and that everything can be handled in one phone call. If your agent finds the right solution or answer quick enough, then the customer doesn’t even seem to mind a longer queueing period before the call.

Research shows that the reasons why problems and questions of customers aren’t adequately solved at once often can be found at a process level, and thus are relatively easy to solve:

- make sure agents are well-trained
- communicate every single modification in a product or service up until the very last detail
- make sure processes are clearly and completely elaborated
- make sure the agent has sufficient authority so he or she is able to help a customer
- and finally: make sure you are attracting the right agents, or outsource your customer contact to a company with years of experience, such as the CallFactory.

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