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Improving phone accessibility

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Improving Phone Accessibility

Improving phone accessibility, better accessibility of fixed phone numbers, flexible call forwarding: these are all search terms we are often found on. To understand the meaning behind these keywords, it is good to look at what these users currently use as a telephony environment, what the problems are, and why these users are searching for a better telephony solution and a different provider.

Office Telephony

Most organizations and entrepreneurs have a business office telephony environment: an environment designed for users at one fixed location (the office), possibly with some additional endpoints such as a home worker. This is a fine solution if you want to provide each desk with an office phone, allowing people to make phone calls.

Desire for More Flexible Call Forwarding

However, there is often a desire to handle incoming phone calls more flexibly; people are:

  • Not always in the office

  • Colleagues are spread across different locations

  • Sometimes a colleague only has a mobile phone.

This is often the case with emergency service numbers, telephone service numbers, on-call numbers, and fault numbers: these need to be set up with all employees at all possible locations and on all possible networks. Flexible working hours and flexible working ensure that people want to have optimal control over the accessibility of the emergency number.

Solution: Phone Team Page - Forwarding to All Mobile and Landline Numbers

For this, we have the phone team page, where anyone who can answer phone calls can set themselves as available or unavailable. The order of handling phone calls can also be changed in real time: do you want calls to go to another colleague first, with yourself as a backup? Drag your colleague to position 1 in the phone team and yourself to position 2.

Phone Team Page

This method of management is understood by every employee, and since everyone has their own login, creating a phone team in this way is simple. There is no limit to the number of people or phone lines that can be processed in this way: you never have to miss a call again and are always flexible to make adjustments. It is also important that you are not dependent on one network or provider: it works with all mobile phones and landlines: we forward to any desired phone number - national or international.

Often, this is the solution for organizations and entrepreneurs who want to forward calls flexibly: you are no longer tied to one location or provider but can add anyone to the phone team to answer calls. This quickly sets up a support number, sales line, or transplant number!

Let Our IVR Platform Route Calls More Intelligently

Do you want to add even more functionality to your phone number? That's no problem. With our advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform, we can handle calls completely or partially automatically. Do you want to record a fault and have it emailed? That is possible; this way, you can have an active fault line 24/7 without it being recorded live.

Recording a message, fault, or order and having it emailed to one or more people is often easier and yields better results: multiple people receive the message and respond more quickly. Do you not want to listen first but have a recorded message emailed as text? That is also possible: this way, someone immediately sees whether something is urgent or not. The message appears as text in the body of your email or as an attachment; also handy to forward to a colleague for follow-up.

telefoonteam pagina

How to Set This Up?

Maybe this sounds so good that you want to test it first? That is certainly possible. Request a demo number, enter your colleagues into the phone team, and see how you can distribute calls smartly. Is this indeed what you are looking for? Then choose a phone number from our shop, or if you already have a phone number, enter that you want to keep your existing number: with number portability, we will transfer your existing number from the old provider to us, your new provider. You now have your sales line, customer service number, or emergency service set up in the most flexible way!

Keep Your Current Office Telephony

If your office telephony is otherwise fine, you can keep it with your other provider: we prefer to focus our platform on phone numbers with many useful features and work together with all current networks and systems.

Frequently asked questions:

You definitely do not need to move your entire telephony environment. If you're satisfied with your desk phones and wish to keep them with your current provider, you can leave them as they are. We can activate a new phone number for you or transfer your existing phone number to our platform so you can distribute incoming calls in this flexible manner.

You can change your phone team, modify profiles, and switch positions of team members as often as you like.

You can forward calls to any country within Europe or the United States. Setting up a European phone team in this way is straightforward, and with a multilingual menu, you can create multiple teams for different languages.

Simply provide your current phone number when ordering, and with number portability, we will transfer your phone number to our platform. This process takes a maximum of 5 working days, after which your old number will be active with us.

In our portal, you can enter the operating hours during which the line should be accessible. When closed, we can play a closed message or offer a voicemail service.

Ensure all colleagues whom you want to forward calls to are added to your phone team. At that point, everyone is flexible and can be set to available or unavailable to answer calls. You can also prioritize colleagues by placing them in positions such as 1st, 2nd, etc., to determine who our telephony platform connects calls to first.

Number portability is always possible. European regulations ensure you can transfer and use your phone number with a new provider, allowing you to access the latest telephony services with your existing number.

You can manage flexible working hours in two ways:

1. Enter fixed hours under opening times in the settings, ideal if your line is consistently closed or open at specific times.

2. If hours are highly flexible, it's more practical to set everyone to "unavailable" when the line is closed suddenly. This ensures no calls are missed, and a message or voicemail is played, facilitating flexible management of your phone number across different providers.

You can retain your current subscription and transfer your existing phone number to our platform. This allows you to switch flexibly between handling calls and redirecting them as needed.

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