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Italy phone numbers explained | Italian number guide

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What is the phone number for Italy?

The country code for Italy is 0039. Or enter +39.

What are Italian mobile phone numbers?

Italian mobile phone numbers start with a 3.

Useful Italian telephone numbers

Telephone numbers that are always useful:

Police (Carabineri): 112
General Emergency (Soccorso pubblico di emergenza): 113
Fire brigade (Vigili del fuoco): 115
Ambulance/Medical Emergencies (Emergenza sanitaria): 118

As a party outside Italy, can I also get an Italian phone number?

Yes you can. At Belfabriek you can get 2 different types of Italian phone numbers, which we will briefly explain below.

Local numbers

Does your company have a strong connection to the Rome region? Then you can order a 06 phone number through Belfabriek. We can register all possible area codes in Italy.

800 numbers (freephone number)

Just like many other countries, Italy also has toll-free phone numbers. The owner pays all call charges. These numbers are great for charities, but also for highly competitive industries. If you want to portray a welcoming image to your potential Italian customers, then an Italian 800 phone number would a great choice.

Advantages of registering an official phone number from Italy through Belfabriek include:

  • your organization can also be reached by phone in another country

  • features such as welcome text are possible

  • No new hardware or telephones required

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