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KidsVision is an industry-specific software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the childcare sector. Thanks to the integration of KidsVision and Konnect, in Konnect you have access to child and parent data and insight into the current child planning in the group.


KidsVision is an industry-specific software solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the childcare sector.

Everything you need
Enrolment, digital signing, planning, invoicing, communication and innovation. KidsVision's applications support all processes in childcare. With our applications, you invest in stability, increase productivity and stay in development.

Based on Microsoft
KidsVision's applications come together in one Microsoft platform. As a result, the processes fit together, you always have insight and can switch quickly. New services or adapted rules are also easy to integrate. Important, because no two days are the same in childcare.

In the cloud
KidsVision moves with you. In all respects. The applications run in the cloud, so you automatically have the most up-to-date version. The platform also allows you to work securely anywhere, anytime. On location while children are walking around you, but also when you are sitting at the kitchen table at home.

What kind of companies is KidsVision suitable for?

For all types of child care companies.

Company details

Founded: 2019
Headquarters: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Free Trial: No.
Pricing: On request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to register your business phone number(s) at Belfabriek and connect it to your existing KidsVision set-up. In this way you can enjoy the advantages of increased possibilities of automation through flawless integration between KidsVision and the Belfabriek telephony platform.

Contact us to discuss your situation and how we can help you set up an ideal telephony solution for your company.

Connecting Belfabriek and KidsVision can save time and make your life easier.

Incoming calls

For example what happens when a call comes in, the app opens and says there is a call from this number, it does a look-up and says this is a customer and, you then immediately have all the customer details in view. A call is logged by default and you can immediately add your call notes; so you no longer have to take action to log the call yourself.

Outgoing calls

Any phone number that has a click-and-dial link (callto: and tel:) can now be clicked and dialed automatically. And any phone number in KidsVision or any other programme on your computer can be selected and called by clicking F7 (Windows). There is also the Remote Dialer for Windows and Mac: a handy desktop phone app where you can type or paste in a number to dial it directly.

In summary:

- Smart pop-up with for every incoming call
- Instant view of customer details
- Automatically dial out from any programme

Kocon, TheNanny, ParnasSys, ESIS among others.

Yes, for iOS and Android.

KidsVision offers support via e-mail and phone.

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