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Landline phone number on your mobile phone

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As an ambitious entrepreneur, you don't want to miss a single sale. And therefore no caller. But the busier you get, the harder it is to make that happen. After all, you can't 'chain' yourself to the landline. And working purely with a mobile phone number? That solves the problem temporarily because then you have the mobile number, but it looks a lot less professional. And you are tied to the phone again.

The solution? A virtual phone number from Belfabriek!

With this number you decide on which number ('final destination') you will speak to your callers. And that can also be your mobile. And so you have a fixed flexible business number without a fixed line.

We deliver calls wherever you want. On your smartphone, for example. On a colleague's mobile phone. At your home. Or to a call centre. This means that with a Belfabriek number you kill two birds with one stone: the professional look of a 'normal' landline number and the flexibility of a mobile. On top of that, with our modifying app, you decide where calls are forwarded to.

More options

All our numbers include all functions that help you to handle phone traffic in a customer-oriented way. Think of a professional welcome message, a queue, a notification of opening hours, and so on. You can also record conversations. Useful, for example, if you receive a call in the car and are unable to process orders or contact details immediately. You can then receive these conversations as an audio file by e-mail.

Testing is believing

Sounds like the thirty-third sales pitch you've heard this week? We get it! And so we would much rather let you discover how it works for yourself. Complete your phone number request today and we will make sure your new number is available the same working day.

And we will transfer it to your mobile. This way, you can experience for yourself how good and easy it works. Convinced? Call us on +3170-3111050 and we'll set up the number with the options that are important for your business and customers.

Have fun and see you soon!

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