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Modern phone system: all the advantages at a glance

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The biggest advantage of a modern telephone system is that it is no longer physically located in the office, but in a data centre.

There is no need to invest in physical hardware, no need for a technician to visit, and no need to install a dedicated phone line.

All you need to do is take out a subscription with a business telephony provider such as Belfabriek.

The protocol that makes all this possible is Voice over IP (VoIP for short). The VoIP protocol allows voice to be transported over a data network and the Internet.

Telephone lines are no longer needed and separate telephone exchanges have become redundant.

The modern telephone exchange is accessible via the Internet. And is now located in a highly secure data centre.

One or more telephone numbers are activated for your company at this switchboard.
Incoming calls are routed to mobile phones or traditional landline phones. These can be in the office, at home or anywhere in the world.

The modern switchboard also offers features such as call recording, a phone menu, a call queue and a welcome message with, for example, opening hours and the company name. These can be activated and set up on your phone number by us as required.
VoIP phones can also be remotely registered and dialled on this PBX.

Launching your telephony service starts with activating a nice phone number. Find one in our number shop and activate it today with your new modern phone system. Then you can start enjoying all the benefits of VoIP and a switchboard in the cloud today.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I switch to you with my existing phone number so that I can use a new modern telephone system?

We can transfer your current phone number to our switchboard. Let us know your current landline number and we will arrange for it to be transferred. Incoming calls will then be forwarded to your new phones or mobile.

I still have a traditional PBX, can I do anything with that ?

Sometimes you can add an internet card to a traditional PBX to make it suitable for VoIP telephony. This is often more expensive than buying an online business telephony service. And if there is a breakdown, you could be left with unexpectedly high costs.

I still have traditional landline phones, can I do anything with them ?

Your traditional landline phones can sometimes still be sold on eBay because they will not work with a modern VoIP PBX. The advantage of a new modern PBX is that it will also forward calls to your current mobile phones.

Can I connect to the CRM software package I use in the office?

We have links between the most popular CRM packages and our PBX. When you receive a call, a 'pop-up' appears on your screen with the caller's details. This is another benefit that is not readily available with traditional telephone services.

I only want to use a mobile phone, can you forward all my calls to it?

We can redirect all incoming calls to your mobile phone, whilst retaining all features such as a greeting, call menu and opening hours.

I have staff in several branches and 1 central number, can you manage these central numbers?

We manage nationwide central telephone numbers for many national and international companies. We then route all incoming calls to the various branches after the caller has selected a branch or on the basis of a postcode, for example. This automatically distributes large numbers of calls.

Are all calls routed over the Internet?

To ensure the highest quality, we route calls through private national and international telecommunications networks. Our telephony service does not require a working internet connection. You do need a working phone, such as a mobile, to receive calls.

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