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Name calling: how to activate a name number?

Published in Customer service phone numbers

Service numbers have a national, professional look and are easy to remember.

To make sure your number is remembered even better, opt for a name number.

In this article, we will explain what name numbers are, how name dialing works and how you can request a name number.

To explain what a name number is, we start with an example.

For example, LIDL has chosen the name number 0900-LIDLINFO.

That this is easier to remember than the regular phone number it stands for goes without saying. It is not for nothing that name dialing is very popular in America. 1-800-FLOWERS is an online florist and a million-dollar business through clever use of the phone number (

How name calling works

Look at the keys of your mobile phone: under each number from 2 to 9 is a number of letters.

Thinking in letters instead of numbers makes a number easier to remember.

For each letter, you key in the button that contains that letter once.

So each name number is an ordinary number, but the word allows us to remember the number more easily.

Dialing a name number is also called name dialing.

Since a name number is an ordinary service number, only the 7 digits after the area code count.

You may have noticed that many words in name numbers count more than 7 digits. This is the case with 0900-LIDLINFO, but also with 0800-BELFABRIEK.

Fortunately, abbreviating the word is not necessary, as the telephone network ignores numbers you type in too many.

Name numbers have 7 numbers after 0800/0900.

The real phone number for 0900-LIDLINFO is then 0900-5435 463.

The number for the Belfabriek is then 0800-235 3227.

You see: they are a lot easier to remember if you turn these number combinations into words.

Benefits of name numbers

US research has shown that name numbers provide significantly higher conversion rates. When organisations used name numbers in ads, it resulted in 290% more calls than when a regular service number was printed.

In addition, name calling offers unique opportunities for those who want to achieve maximum impact with the marketing and promotion of a business.

Name calling with a service number

Name numbers are easier to remember and increase conversion.

If you want to see whether your name number is still available, search our telephone number shop by words. That way you can immediately see whether your company name as a phone number is still available.

Frequently asked questions

When I apply for a name number do I get the name or the number combination?

When you apply for a name number, you get the regular phone number which as letters form your company name. You can advertise with your name number or the regular phone number. So anyone can call and reach you.

I want to apply for a name dialing number, what is the quickest way to do this?

You can search online via our web shop for available numbers and register your own company name as your phone number. This will be registered at your company with the telecom authority and then activated by us. Incoming calls will be forwarded to your existing number.

Can a name-calling number also be reached from abroad ?

Calls to your name-calling number is only possible domestically.

I want to convert my company name to numbers, can you help me with that?

We would be happy to check with you whether your company name or product name is still available. Please contact us by phone so we can convert your name to numbers.

Does name calling also work with mobile numbers?

Name calling also works with your mobile number. You can request a nice name-calling number that shows that you operate nationally. We can forward the calls to your mobile phone so you can be reached anywhere.

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