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Netherlands phone numbers explained

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What is the telephone number of Netherlands?

The country code for Netherlands is 0031. Or enter +31.

Identifying a Dutch number

Have you been called by a Dutch number and do you want to find out who is behind it?

Identifying a telephone number from the Netherlands is easy using the Dutch number search engine. How does it work? Enter the phone number, press on search and voilà, the data of the Dutch number are clearly reported back to you.

What are Dutch mobile numbers?

In the Netherlands cell phone numbers generally begin with 06.

Number overview Netherlands

Rotterdam and surroundings: 010

Amsterdam and surroundings: 020

Utrecht and surroundings: 030

Eindhoven and surroundings: 040

Groningen and surroundings: 050

The Hague and surroundings: 070

Useful Dutch phone numbers

Phone numbers that are always useful:

General emergency number: just like in other European countries you can dial 112 for emergencies.

In addition, there are the following more specific telephone numbers,

Telephone numbers beginning with 14: intended for services of special social interest.

For example, the national emergency phone number 144 for animals in distress. Or the number 1400 for the Dutch government. Some municipalities in the Netherlands can be reached via 14 followed by the area code. The telephone number of the municipality then consists of 5 or 6 digits: the numbers 14 followed by the area code of the municipality. For example, the municipality of Amsterdam can be reached via 14 020. The regular fixed local rate applies to these telephone numbers.

RDW (National Road Administration): 088 008 7447

Dutch Railways (NS): 030 751 5155

Who is the Dutch telecommunications authority?

The Netherlands Authority for the Consumer and Market (ACM) implements number policy. The ACM assigns and withdraws numbers and monitors their use.

Can I, as party outside The Netherlands or as an expat, also obtain a Dutch number?

Yes, you can. At Belfabriek you can roughly register 4 different types of Dutch phone numbers, which we will explain briefly below.

Local numbers

Just like many European countries. In the Netherlands we also utilize area codes for phone numbers. For example, Amsterdam telephone numbers always start with 020.

Does your company have a strong connection with the Amsterdam region? Then you can easily apply for a 020 number via Belfabriek. In principle Belfabriek can register all possible local numbers. So also for example a Rotterdam 010 number or a 070 area code in The Hague.

National numbers

Do you want to offer your products and/or services all over the Netherlands? Then a national 085 number is suitable for that purpose. These numbers are not bound to a particular city or region and therefore enjoy a national image. Callers can call these numbers at local rates. So there are no additional costs compared to local landline numbers.

0800 numbers

Also in the Netherlands they have toll-free 0800 numbers, which are free to call for callers. The operator pays for all call charges. These numbers are ideal for e.g. charities, but also for industries that are particularly competitive. Important to consider is that Dutch 0800 numbers cannot be called from outside the Netherlands.

0900 numbers

Dutch 0900 numbers are premium rate numbers. The rate paid by the caller is variable. The 0900 number holder determines what it costs to call an 0900 number. You can choose between a rate per minute or a rate per call. The ACM (Dutch telecommunications authority) has set maximum rates. Per minute the caller may be charged a maximum of €1.10. The upper limit for a rate per call is €1.60. The rate must always be made known to the caller. These numbers are ideal if you want to break even on your Dutch telephone number, or even if you want to earn money from running it. Please note that 0900 numbers can be a barrier to potential Dutch customers due to their higher costs.

Why request Dutch numbers at Belfabriek?

First of all Belfabriek is originally a Dutch company and since 2000 we are the only telephone company in The Netherlands that is fully specialized in setting up and maintaining business telephone numbers. In the meantime we have connected more than 6000 service numbers and have grown into a company with satisfied customers in many countries, offering much more than just Dutch service numbers.

Advantages of registering a number from The Netherlands via Belfabriek include:

your organization can also be reached by phone in another country features such as welcome text are possible No new hardware or telephones required. Questions ? Our staff will be happy to help you !

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