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Never miss another call

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Congratulations, you have just registered your freephone or premium-rate number and are now the proud owner of your own servicenumber! But what now? What if the line is busy?

How can you set up your servicenumber in such a way that you will never miss a call again?

At the CallFactory you can have your telephone conversations delivered through a so-called overflow. This means that if the line is busy, an incoming call is forwarded to an alternative telephone number.

Of course you decide to how many telephone numbers your calls are being forwarded.

If a second ring-to number is not possible, we can set up a call queue. The caller will hear how many people are waiting ahead of them.

To keep customers from having to wait with no end in the call queue, you can set a maximum length of the queue in number of people or the total waiting time. When the queue is longer than the time you’ve set, we could forward callers to your Voice2email. Here, they can leave a message that is then sent to your email as a digital file, so you can process these calls at a quieter time.

This way you will never have to miss a call again!

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