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Phone numbers for SMEs

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Are you looking for a business number? Or would you like to know the best way to register a business number for your company and transfer it to your mobile phone? Then we can help you!

Using a mobile number as a business number is inconvenient.
You want to keep your mobile number private. But you want to be able to extend and transfer a business number flexibly. This is exactly why a business number from Belfabriek is the perfect telephony solution for you!

In our number shops you will find free business numbers that you can activate and forward directly to your mobile phone or multiple mobile phones. A dedicated website allows you to set who is available to answer incoming calls at any time.

The Belfabriek landline number is the number you can use on your website, leaflet and other marketing materials. And even if you get a new mobile phone with a new mobile subscription and a new mobile number: your business landline number remains the same!

Another advantage of having a fixed number is that you can use all sorts of features such as call recording, a welcome message or a dialling menu. This gives your business number an instant professional look and feel.
Want to bet this will get you more customers than using a mobile as your business number?

You can choose a national or regional number for your business, depending on your personal preference. We can link any fixed line number to your mobile number!

Importantly, you do not need to install an application on your phone to receive calls. We deliver calls via our own interconnection with the mobile network, so calls always come through properly. So you are not dependent on a working internet connection, nor do you suffer from changing networks when you are on the move. This is not a budget solution, but a full business solution for savvy entrepreneurs who also want to use many professional features on the number.

The rate the caller pays is the same as a normal call to a mobile phone, so it is the same as calling a mobile number. And our numbers can also be reached from abroad.

So you can rely on our business telephony solution and grow. You'll never miss a call and you can set up a call team with different colleagues to decide who answers the phone and where.
Activate a great phone number for your business today and distribute the calls to all your colleagues!

Frequently asked questions:

When someone calls your business number, we let you hear a beep so you know the person is calling on the business number. So you know you can answer the call using your company name!

We can forward calls to multiple mobile numbers. Let us know the order in which you would like us to forward your calls and we will set it up for you.

It does not matter what type of mobile device you have or what type of mobile subscription you have. We route calls to landline or mobile numbers. So you always have the flexibility of 1 business number.

No problem. You can use your mobile number to text, whatsapp and receive business calls for your business.

Our telephony solution is used for emergency numbers, sales numbers, helplines and virtual call centres. All numbers operate without a fixed office location and distribute incoming call traffic between colleagues' mobile phones and landlines.

You can activate a phone number with us on the same day and link it to your mobile number so that you can use it for your communications on the same day.

Activate a demo phone number immediately.
Create your phone team.
And start receiving calls within 10 minutes!

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