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Easily manage your organization's telephone accessibility in real time.

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Login with the same credentials as you use for My Belfabriek. After downloading the app you can get started right away.

On or off

At a glance, you can see which devices are on reach or off. You know immediately where calls are going and can adjust this in real time.

Change end destinations

Want to change the end destination of your phone number? Choose a preset end destination (an employee, an office location or mobile) from your own address book or enter a new number.

Your change will be effective immediately. This way you ensure that you can always be reached, wherever you are.

Manage frequently used destinations

Create a list of frequently used end destinations and give each phone number a recognizable name. This way you never have to manually enter this phone number again.

Instead, simply choose the destination from this address book and we will make sure the right phone rings.

Viewing statistics

All important statistics are available at a glance. This way you have all relevant information at hand, even on the road.


Manage your phone number settings directly from your cell phone or tablet. Quickly turn on additional features when you need them.

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