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Pre-announcement tone

Many entrepreneurs have multiple numbers for multiple purposes or different web shops. In such a case, it is useful to know at the beginning of a conversation which telephone number is being called!

Especially for this purpose, we have the pre-announcement tone function. When you switch this on, you will hear a short, clear voice file play at the beginning of the call, like a beep. But your own company name is also possible of course! So you know exactly at what number someone is calling!

The advantages

Start every conversation on the right footing

When you hear the set voice file, you know that the call is coming in via the special telephone number. So you start every call the right way.

A choice of clearly distinguishable tones

At Belfabriek you can choose from 6 different, clearly recognisable standard voice files. Choose the tone you like most or upload your own voice-file.

Simple and without extra costs

As you can see, with Belfabriek you know the number of the incoming caller even before the call starts, so you can recognise callers correctly. This service is included for all Belfabriek customers. If you want to know more, contact us !

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