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Singapore 06 numbers are intended for companies and agencies that want a regional number where the caller pays normal local call charges.

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Local Singapore phone number


Local Singapore phone number

Memorable phone numbers:
  • +65-6 0281833Add to cart
  • +65-6 0281872Add to cart
  • +65-6 0281868Add to cart
  • +65-6 0281871Add to cart
  • +65-6 0281869Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • +65-6 0281870Add to cart
  • +65-6 1057404Add to cart
  • +65-6 1057417Add to cart
  • +65-6 1057430Add to cart
  • +65-6 1057443Add to cart

Benefits of Singapore number registration

The advantages of registering a Singapore number through Belfabriek include:

  • Your company can be reached by phone in Singapore!

  • Features such as welcome messages possible

  • No new hardware or phones required

  • Any questions? Our staff will be happy to help.

We deliver the calls to the location of your choice:

To the home address of colleagues

To different offices

To different countries

Answer calls wherever you want!

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Frequently asked questions:

When someone calls your Singapore phone number, you will first hear a beep or the text "Singapore phone number". This will let you know how to answer the call from Singapore.

Yes, we can help you get all possible access codes for Singapore.

You can find the most up to date rates on our rates page. This also depends on the number of calls you expect and the country we need to connect the calls to.

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