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Activating a Virtual Call Centre on my number

A Virtual call centre distributes callers fairly and evenly among all available employees. These can be employees at your office, in a call centre, or at home, as well as a combination of these.

Employees set availability

Employees sign themselves in and out via our online portal

For example, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system knows exactly which employees are available at any time.

You can also assign box numbers to employees. Callers are then prompted to key in the box number of the employee they wish to speak to. This way of distributing calls is useful if you also use our Employee availability website plugin. This plugin for the popular WordPress content management system lets you easily show which employees are available.

Activate virtual call centre

You activate your own Virtual Call Centre online via the My Belfabriek dashboard under Number Settings.

There, scroll through until you find the option for Carousel application. You activate the option with the on-off button on the right. If required, you can also add box numbers and employee names here.

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