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Activating a voice2e-mail (Digital answering machine)

When all your staff are busy and the queue is too long, or when people call outside working hours, our Digital Answering Machine (sometimes called voice2e-mail) offers a perfect way to still handle calls properly.

How a Digital Answering Machine works

A Digital answering machine allows callers to record a message. This is recorded by us and then sent to you by e-mail, as an audio file, along with details of the call.

You can play this recording directly on your computer, without having to install any additional software.

The details in the e-mail will tell you exactly when the call was made, from which number and to which number.

In combination with other functions

A Digital answering machine is usually used in combination with other features, such as a Queue, an Opening Hours schedule with a Closed announcement text, and a Holiday calendar.

Activating your own Digital Answering Machine

As a Belfabriek customer, you easily activate your Digital Answering Machine online via our portal.

Go to Number settings and scroll through to Voice e-mail. When you activate the function with the power button, an additional settings field appears where you enter the e-mail address you wish to receive recorded messages on.

Digital answering machine settings My Belfabriek

Your changes will be saved immediately. To ensure the reachability of your number, one of our experts will review your changes before they are applied to your number.

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