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Activating a closed notification

The Closed Notification is a variant of the Notification Text feature; a pre-recorded text that is played at specific times or in specific situations.

A Closed announcement is an announcement that is only played outside working hours. So you can still handle these calls perfectly, too.

How a Closed notification works

As already mentioned, a Closed notification is a pre-recorded text that is played when a caller calls outside working hours.

In the text, mention who the caller has reached, that your organisation is currently closed, when your organisation can be reached and in what other ways the caller can still reach you now.

One of the options in the latter is by using a Digital Answering Machine. This allows you to give callers the opportunity to record a message. You receive this recording by e-mail and can respond to it later, at a time convenient to you.

A closed notification is therefore usually used in combination with an Opening Hours grid, a Holiday Calendar and a Digital Answering Machine.

Activate your closed notification

As a Belfabriek customer, you can easily activate your Closed notification via

Go down the Number settings page and scroll through to the Closed text option. You turn this feature on or off with the on-off button.

One of our experts will contact you to discuss the times when the notification should be activated and agree on the notification text itself. If you have already recorded an announcement text, you can already upload it upon activation.

Activate closed notifications in My Belfabriek

Directly below the Closed text you will find the Opening Hours function.

No need to click "save", your changes will be saved immediately.

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