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Activating a welcome text

A Welcome text reassures callers, welcomes them, can tell them your opening hours and availability, and introduces a choice menu if necessary.

As a Belfabriek customer, this extra feature is included in your subscription. So you pay nothing extra when you use a Welcome Text.

Activate your welcome text

Simply activate a welcome text for your service number online via

Go to Number settings and scroll down until you get to the Welcome text option. You enable the feature by using the on-off button.

Activate a welcome text in My Belfabriek

If you have already recorded a text, you can send it to us via the additional Upload button. Don't have a recording yet? Then we can help you find a suitable professional voice actor. Voices that are popular with our customers can be found on this page.

One of our experts will make sure your Welcome text is set up perfectly, with the right wording.

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