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Activating an area code routing

With area code routing, incoming calls are routed based on - as the name suggests - the caller's area code.

If you have an area code routing set up, the caller will be connected to your nearest branch or employee completely automatically, without the caller having to do anything or even noticing.

When to use area code routing

Area code routing is ideal when you have several branches spread across the country and you always want to automatically transfer callers to your nearest branch or employee.

A good example is an organisation with branches or departments in all the larger cities. With one number, the whole organisation is perfectly reachable, and by using an area code routing, callers are automatically connected to the branch in their region.

If you have multiple branches within one region, then Postcode routing might be a good solution for you.

Difference with Postcode routing

The difference with the Postcode routing feature is that in Postcode routing, the call is transferred based on the 4 digits of the caller's postcode. The caller has to type it in first, after which the call is routed.

Big advantage of Postcode routing is that you can always transfer callers to the nearest branch, even if you have several branches within one region.

Activate network routing

As a Belfabriek customer, switching on a Net number routing is extremely easy.

On the Number settings page, scroll down until you see the Area code routing option. You easily switch this option on or off with the on/off button.

Enable area code routing via Belfabriek

One of our staff will contact you to go through the routing with you. You can also fill in this Excel sheet yourself, indicating which area codes should be routed to which telephone numbers. You do that once and then don't have to worry about it any more.

The caller is then automatically transferred to the right branch or employee.

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