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Setting a different final destination for holidays

With an Opening Hours roster, you ensure that your calls are handled perfectly even outside normal working hours.

But what do you do when it is a public holiday, and therefore not a working day?

Belfabriek's Holiday Calendar is the ideal solution to perfectly route and handle your calls even in this situation.

How the holiday calendar works

The Public Holiday Calendar lists all official Dutch public holidays of the year. You can add or remove public holidays when you can be reached normally on a specific public holiday.

For these holidays, we will agree with you what to do with incoming calls. Do you want them to be handled by a special holiday line-up within your own organisation, by an external call centre or play an announcement text and then offer your callers the options to leave a message? It's all possible.

Perfect combination with other functions

The Public Holiday Calendar is usually used in combination with an Opening Schedule, a Closed Text and a Digital Answering Machine.

Activate your public holiday calendar

As a Belfabriek customer, you can activate your Holiday Calendar in just a few minutes. You do this online via our

Go to Number settings and scroll down until you come across the Holiday calendar option.

You simply activate this function with the power button.

Easily manage your holiday calendar

Then one of our staff will contact you to go through the set-up of your calendar with you. We will make sure everything is programmed perfectly.

You can change the settings for this function as often as you like.

No additional costs

As a Belfabriek customer, you enjoy an extremely comprehensive package of extra features included as standard with your subscription. We think these are important features that come with a number as standard. With us, they are therefore all included in your fixed subscription fee.

Your Holiday calendar is also such a standard feature. So you pay nothing extra when you activate this feature!

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