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Choosing a good voice for my welcome text

Choosing a good voice for your welcome or other announcement texts is important. Often, this is the first telephone contact callers have with your company and your employees.

Their first impression at this first contact can influence the subsequent course (and success) of your customer contact.

Therefore, choose carefully the voice you use for your notification texts. A few considerations are important here. We list them for you.

Personal touch 

For some organisations, personal contact is important. For example, if your business is called John's Garage, the idea that callers actually get John on the phone can be very important.

This kind of personal contact or a personal touch to customer contact is best achieved by using your own voice or the voice of one of your employees.

You can record the voice yourself and e-mail or upload it to us when you activate a notification text feature such as the Welcome Text.

Professional voice

Other organisations prefer to work with professional voice actors. This way, your organisation will have a nice professional voice, professionally recorded.

But where can you find a good voice?

The Belfabriek works with several professional voice actors to provide our clients with a perfect Welcome Text.

Have you made a choice? Then contact us and we will take care of the order and delivery.

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